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6 Minimalist YouTube Channels To Inspire You To Live With Less

I recently posted an article about channels to subscribe to if you’re trying to get your financial life together. This article features six inspiring YouTubers from all different backgrounds who share their minimalism journey, offering different perspectives and great tips.

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6 Minimalist YouTube Channels To Inspire You To Live With Less

Minimalist Vegan Lifestyle

Jacinia is a twenty-something, Latinx whose videos focus on minimalism, vegan recipes, and a low waste lifestyle. She recently published a vegan Puerto Rican Vegan Cookbook. Lastly, she and her partner recently moved into a van and has videos showing the process. Very cool.

Videos to check out:

  • 8 Puerto Rican Vegan Meals
  • Natural Vegan Toiletries
  • Van Life Living in the Van Week 1 Vlog

Sugar Mamma

I mentioned Canna from Sugar Mamma in my previous article about channels to follow if you want to get your finances together. Sugar Mamma is a financial professional, but she also has a lot of super helpful content about minimalism, including how to build a capsule wardrobe and how to stay minimal even with a new baby or when a significant other moves in with you.

Videos to check out:

  • Top 10 Tips for Minimalists and Minimalism Lovers
  • My Minimalist Guide To Fashion, Style & Your Capsule Wardrobe – 7 Steps
  • Minimalism Zero Waste & A Baby -what I am doing & using differently THIS TIME!

Sarah Nourse

While Sarah Nourse (pronounced ‘nurse’) doesn’t make a lot of videos about minimalism anymore, she does have plenty of past videos with very helpful information. Her content focused on packing and traveling, because for some time, she and her husband were constantly moving and living in different parts of Europe. 

Videos to check out:

  • Minimalist Life Hacks!
  • Extreme Downsizing | All I Own!
  • Minimalist Skincare | What I Use + What I Stopped Buying


Brittney certainly knows how to create an AESTHETIC! She has a definite color story and editing style that is so inspirational. She has a minimalism series on her channel, with a lot of creative content about how to create a personal style and be a student while still being a minimalist.

Videos to check out:

  • Why You Never Have Anything to Wear! Solutions To Your Problem | Minimalism Series
  • Minimalism Series/ School Organization
  • Minimalist Tips For Revamping Your Wardrobe

Allison Anderson

Allison has recently moved her content over to traveling-related content, specifically solo travel. But she has a lot of great content about how to minimize and declutter not only your physical possessions but your mental clutter as well.

Videos to check out:

  • 10 Things to Declutter From Your Digital Space
  • How I Maintain a Clutter-Free + Organized Home
  • Decluttering Your Fantasy Self | Minimalism + Simple Living

Break the Twitch

Anthony has a soothing voice, quality editing skills, and useful information to boot. He focuses on minimalism and intentional living. 

Videos to check out:

  • A Minimalist’s Perspective on Getting a Dog
  • Do minimalists spend more money on experiences?
  • Decluttering? Stop Donating All Your Stuff. Here’s Why.

Who are some of your favorite minimalist YouTubers?

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