7 YouTube Channels to Subscribe To If You Want To Fix Your Finances

GenTwenty is made up of a diverse team of writers who talk about money from different perspectives (see our finance section.) Luckily financial help is easier to access than ever before. Below are some YouTube channels to subscribe to if you are currently trying to get your financial life together.

7 YouTube Channels to Subscribe to if You Want To Fix Your Finances

1. The Financial Diet 

Created by Chelsea Fagan, this channel provides lots of helpful videos geared towards smart spending, establishing certain money mindsets and dangerous habits to avoid. Their website is also a place where contributors from all walks of life can share their financial stores. I have three articles of my own on their website, too.

Videos to check out: 

9 Money Truths I Wish I Knew Sooner

The 6 Smartest Purchases I Made In My 20s

12 Side Hustles You Can Do From Bed

2. One Big Happy Life

Previously a lawyer, Tasha and her husband, Joseph, share stories and advice about budgeting, family finances, and entrepreneurship. Bonus: Their family is adorable and they post lifestyle stories, too.

Videos to check out: 

5 Risks We’ve Taken In Life That Have Paid Off Big Time

How We Manage Our Business As A Couple | How to Start a Business Ep. 1

The Secret to Becoming a Millionaire (Without Giving Up Lattes)

3. Self Made Millennial 

Madeline from Self Made Millennial is an HR and Recruiting professional that give excellent advice for those who want more from their job or job search. Her videos are upbeat, short, funny and informative. She has a lot of industry experience and her information is fresh and not like the recycled stuff I see all the time. 

Videos to check out: 

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How to Impress Your Boss – Executives Agree This STANDS OUT!

8 Ways How to Answer: “Why did you leave your last job?” In a Job Interview

Salary Negotiation Tips to 40%+ Increase in your Earnings – with Austin Belcak

4. Aja Dang

Aja has a lot of lifestyle, beauty and entertainment videos, so she doesn’t just discuss finance. But her finance videos are very helpful if you’re looking for budget tips and stories about navigating student loans.

Videos to check out: 

How To Make A Budget | Budgeting For Beginners

10 Small Ways To Get Your Finances In Order | Money Tips

5 Ways To Balance Your Money and Happiness

5. Sugar Mamma 

Canna from Sugar Mamma is a financial professional that created the $1000 project, an incentive that teaches you to manifest parcels of money for your financial goals. She focuses on minimalism and her upbeat and encouraging videos are so motivational.

Videos to check out: 

Understanding Managed / Mutual Funds – Start On The $1,000 Project!

How to Get Rid of Credit Card Debt Fast

Top 10 Tips for Minimalists and Minimalism Lovers

6. Clever Girl Finance, Inc.

Bola from Clever Girl Finance is another finance professional that provides helpful advice about debt payoff, saving money and building wealth. Her channel also serves as a platform to share others’ stories, where she interviews women who have interesting and helpful stories to share.

Videos to check out:

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7 Things I Did Before Quitting My Job To Become A Full Time Entrepreneur

5 Account Types You Need To Have

Tips On How To Master Your Debt And Pay It Off Quickly!

7. GenTwenty *shameless plug alert* 

Did you know GenTwenty has a YouTube Channel, too? We do! 

Videos to check out: 

About GenTwenty

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What are some YouTube channels that have helped you get your financial life together?