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5 Things I Cut Out of My Life For The Better

Big change and life improvements don’t always have to be monumental. Sometimes, it starts with little things.

Everyone seems to think that to make a lifestyle change, you have to announce it on social media, track your progress and let it greatly impact your life.

Big change and life improvements don’t always have to be monumental. Sometimes, it starts with little things.

For me, the little things that tick me off or set me on the wrong track are things that I pick up on easily. I do an activity and I instantly get in a bad mood. I finally thought twice about some of the habits I’d picked up on and some of the things that were setting me off. It was definitely time to cut some shit out to get closer to the best version of myself.

Here are 5 things I noticed brought me no joy and cut out of my life for the better:

1. The Kardashians

Because sometimes, you just have to sit back, remember why they’re famous, and count all the ways you’re contributing to that fame.

In all seriousness, there are a few reasons why I just couldn’t justify spending time “keeping up” with this family. For one, although the episodes are entertaining, it’s somewhat painful to think about how much money they’re getting paid every second of filming. Second, following them on Instagram degraded my self-esteem. I instantly thought I needed more curves, more makeup, more small dogs… more money.

Cutting the Kardashians out of my news feeds, TV schedule and media made me pay attention to reality more–and what mattered in MY life.

2. Click bait-focused and fluffy news sites.

A big part of being in society today–especially in your twenties–is recognizing real journalism. I was so sick of my newsfeed being filled with the same “which dog breed are you” quiz and the everlasting “celebrity hits the beach in a bikini” trying to qualify as news.

Unfollowing these sites and focusing on true “news” sites, like The New York Times, CNN and the Washington Post, gave me a better understanding of the world, and made me read REAL articles about happenings in

I also avoid sites with awful, click bait advertising and websites that just write fluff. I’ll say it again–Jennifer Anniston going to the beach in a bathing suit isn’t news, nor is it helpful to my life. If I want to read something that will actually give me good advice, I go straight for GenTwenty (I may be biased).

3. iPhone games.

Sure, I never got into Pokemon Go… but I can tell you, iPhone games are a waste of time. Maybe they involve strategy or education, but most of the time, games like Candy Crush aren’t doing anything for you–nor were they for me.

I’ve never looked back after deleting my games, and it’s making me want to delete some of the social apps I have too. It’s hard to see all the time you wasted being used and wanting to go back, you know?

4. Making life look perfect.

We all have to admit it–life is SO hard. Especially when you’re in the chaotic twenty-something range. And we do admit it–to our close friends, families and confides. But why do we broadcast the good things on social media and to our coworkers or those we are less close with? Why do we answer, “good,” with every ask of how we are? Why is it uncomfortable to tell someone you’re going through a hard time?

I started being honest with those around me, in person and online, and I got a lot of positive responses. Instead of people feeling awkward with me explaining why I was down, they gave me advice and told me to reach out if I needed anything. Others online shared their similar experiences.

Realizing life is meant to be a giant support group instead of a talent show was a huge step for me. Dumping the idea that I needed to be a perfect human made my life all the better.

5. Push notifications.

Facebook, Instagram and Groupon are all great to have, but do you really need a notification every few minutes? Notifications just gave me another reason to open the apps on my phone get scrolling.

…..and 20 minutes later, I’m still scrolling. I’m not reading anything, and I don’t even remember what notification got me here. Push notifications make you fall into being hooked on your phone when you really didn’t need to be.

6. Bonus: Carbs.

Lol, just kidding. I could never do that. ?

How do I figure out the toxic atmospheres that make my life more difficult? During times of stress, although it’s important focus on the deeper issue at heart, I also look at the little things that push me over the edge.

If I can eliminate the little nuances that set my mood off or create a toxic atmosphere, I am more successful.

So when I stopped watching KUWTK and realized my appearance didn’t need to reflect any of the Kardashian or Jenner sisters, my confidence and productivity shot up.

One by one, I realized the little things that by cutting out of my life, I could actually make it better.

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[Tweet “One by one, I realized that by cutting out of my life, I could actually make it better.”]

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