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10 Sunday Habits For an Organized Week

sunday habits for an organized week

The Sunday scaries are a real thing. We have all been guilty of getting ourselves wrapped up in thinking about all of the things we need to get done in the upcoming week. That’s why creating Sunday habits will help prevent stress and anxiety come Monday.

Well, wine can help too, but it is not going to set you up for success in the upcoming week. Try these 10 Sunday habits to make your week ahead more organized.

10 Sunday Habits For an Organized Week

Make A List of Things You Need To Do 

Sometimes, in our mind, thinking about everything we need to do makes it seem like so much more. But, once we actually put it down on paper, we realize that it’s not as bad as we thought.

Plus, now that you have your list, you can cross things off as you get them done throughout the week! What better feeling is there than drawing that line through your task?!

Plan Out Your Week 

Now that you already have a list of everything you need to do, you can plan out which day you will get it done on. Putting your to-do list in a planner that also includes your appointments or any other obligations will help you schedule your week to make sure everything gets done efficiently.

Set Your Goals 

Goals are not something that just happen at the beginning of a year—they should happen all the time! Figure out what goals you want to reach this week, whether it be work wise, personal wise, family wise, financial wise, and so on.

Find time during the week where you can focus on reaching your goals, and evaluate your progress at the end of the week like on a Sunday, before you goal set for the next week. This Sunday habit will definitely help you reach your New Years’ Resolutions.

Don’t Sleep In 

Now I’m not saying to wake up the same time you do during the week, but do not spend all day in bed. The longer you sleep, the less you can get done, which means that your week will not be as streamlined as it could be. Plus, if you sleep too late, it can hinder your ability to fall asleep later, leading to a groggy Monday.

Get Your Chores Done 

Do not put off your household chores for the week! You have so much else going on during the week. Sunday is the perfect day to catch up on household chores that you couldn’t get to during the week (and let’s be real, you are not going to get to this upcoming week either).

Doing things like the dishes, laundry, vacuuming, dusting, and so on are good Sunday habits to get into. Plus, if you are an early bird, you can get a lot of these things out in the morning and still have the rest of your day.

Get Your Errands Done

Use Sunday to go to the grocery store (especially if you plan to meal prep, and if you do not plan to meal prep, see below, you may change your mind!) to get food for the week. If there is any shopping you need to do, or things to return, get it done rather than trying to fit it into a jam packed week.

Meal Prep 

If you know you are not going to have time during the week to cook, use Sunday to meal prep. Cook a big dinner on Sunday knowing you will have the leftovers for the rest of the week (or for the majority of the rest of the week). Or, cook a bunch of different things on Sunday that are easy to reheat, that you can enjoy throughout the week without having to worry about cooking a full mean.

Outfit Prep 

If you are working in office, or if you have appointments or places to be during the week, prepare your outfits in advance just like you would do with your meals. Not only will this allow you to not have to worry about it during the week, but it will also show you if anything is dirty or wrinkled. If yes, you can iron and/or wash the item today, rather than scrambling to find a new outfit last minute.

Check Your Finances

Do you regularly check your finances? If you do not, this is a Sunday habit you should adopt ASAP. It is important to be financially healthy.

Checking your bank account on a Sunday can help set you up financially for the week, too. It will show you how much you spent the past week and how much you have to spend this upcoming week; it can help ensure you are sticking to your budget.

Remember Your Self-Care 

You need time for yourself, too! Use Sunday as a time to recharge and to spend some time doing something that will relax you whether that be sitting in a quiet place reading, taking a bubble bath, doing a face mask, or relaxing in front of the television with a glass of wine. This, especially doing it at the end of the day, will help you start the week with a balanced and focused mindset.

Which Sunday habits do you do? Share with us below!

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