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5 Steps to Becoming a More Well-Rounded, Balanced Person

5 Steps to Becoming a More Well-Rounded, Balanced Person

While spring is a season of renewal and growth and it serves as an opportunity to spring clean both your home and mind, now is a good time as any to work on your personal growth. Below are give ways to find balance, become a more well-rounded and balanced person, and foster growth.

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5 Steps to Becoming a More Well-Rounded, Balanced Person

1. Free, fast current events.

Know what’s happening in the world around you. It allows you to hold your end of a conversation, be aware of things that are affecting you and your community and gives you a wider perspective on life in general.

Don’t just get your news from social media, where there’s a slight tendency for messages to be biased (understatement of the century.)

I subscribe to theSkimm and they send me an email every weekday morning with snippets on different things happening around the world. They offer guides to better understand complicated topics (immigration, voting, taxes), give you reading recommendations and they now have a podcast if you prefer to listen instead of read.

Hate the news because of all the negativity? Subscribe to Future Crunch. Every two weeks, they send an email telling you about amazing discoveries, stories and facts about the world, focusing on science and technology

2. Find an outlet.

Find something that motivates you and brings you joy. Gardening, writing, makeup, cars, cooking, music, anime, fitness, books, politics, video games, software, movies, audiobooks, model trains.

There is a website/ publication/ class dedicated to anything out there. Use it to gain knowledge, speak your mind and share with others. Not sure where to start? Think of where your mind wanders when you’re daydreaming or taking a mental break from work and go from there.

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3. Find a like-minded community.

This can be done through your church, volunteer work, or an activity you do in your free time. Use resources like Meetup and Bumble to find people in real life. You could also find an online community if you prefer thorough Reddit or other forums. There are people out there who like the same things you do, and it’s easier than ever to find them.

4. Reduce negative interactions/ people/ possessions.

This, of course, is way easier said than done. This doesn’t just include outwardly toxic people. It also includes those just ‘meh’ people that suck up your mental energy. If it’s not truly someone you want to spend more time with, makes you laugh and feel good, stop texting to ask how they are or liking their posts on social media.

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Keep responses short. You don’t have to waste your precious resources on people who make you uncomfortable, take without ever giving, or say things to you that hurt or make you cringe. This can’t be done all the time, especially with coworkers, family, friends of family, etc. But be mindful of who/ what you give your time to.

This can much more easily by done with objects. Get rid of possessions that make you feel guilty. Be mindful of buying too many unnecessary things in the future.

5. Minimize dependence on outside factors.

For me this was caffeine. Two years ago I took an extreme measure and cut out caffeine completely. As a ‘2-3 cup a day’ girl, this was not easy. But not having dependence on caffeine has really improved my life. I sleep better, I don’t get drowsy throughout the day, and I don’t sweat or feel anxious as much.

Now I’m working on sugar. Another factor I needed to work on was validity from others. I’m slowly losing the need to be or look like someone that other people will like. Feeling comfortable with yourself frees you up in a lot of ways.

What are some ways you gain balance in your life?

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Natasha Terensky

Natasha is a Penn State Grad (International Business and Business Economics) and is currently a research analyst for a consulting firm. She loves makeup/ beauty, going to concerts, watching period pieces, traveling, and learning more about how to be better with personal finances. You can find her on her YouTube Channel about smart spending and cruelty-free beauty (Too Much Tash).