Cue LMFAO’s hit single “Party Rock Anthem” because “party rock is in the house tonight”… and we want everyone to have a good time! Host included!

As most of us in our twenties are now-former college students, we’re sure that you know how to throw a party (including the keg, bad dance moves and all).  But do you know how to host one?  Not surprisingly, it’s easier said than done.  Hosting the perfect bash is more than simply buying beer, wine, and chips.  Here are some of our tips on how to host a flawless party of any sort and size:

As a party host, you will need to leave your troubles behind for the evening and put your best foot forward. Start the party off right by greeting your company with your pearly whites. Your guests won’t feel welcome if you’re not smiling!  Who wants to come to a party where the host is crying over her recent breakup?  No one, that’s who.  So, smile and mean it.

Plan ahead
Before you start your hosting duties, make a list of everything you need to purchase or complete prior to the party. It helps to decide exactly what food and drinks you will be serving but don’t agonize over the decision. Double check on how many people are coming so that you are prepared on food and drinks. If you are hosting a just-for-fun gathering, don’t feel obligated to provide everything yourself–asking your guests to contribute something should not be out of the question. Planning ahead will also give you time to fix any party problems before the actual event occurs.

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Be calm, cool, and collected (and have fun!)
Since you’re already smiling because you planned ahead and the party is a success, now you can keep your cool and enjoy.  If your party is a bigger affair, don’t let yourself feel stressed.  Talk to people as they come in and let them grab their food and drinks as they please.  No one likes to feel rushed or pressured into doing anything, so if you’re feeling laid back, everyone else will, too.  Take a few deep breaths and feel the calm. And remember, guests tend to mimic the hosts behavior; the more relaxed and engaged you are, the more fun your shindig will be.

Say thank you
After everyone has left the party, be sure to offer your thanks to your guests for spending the evening with you.  Even if you did not get to spend time with every guest who attended, tell them you are glad they came.  Everyone will appreciate the sentiment.  Also give a thank you or two to anyone who helped make your party a success. This shows your respect for others and that you truly care (something that older generations don’t expect twenty-somethings to show: gratitude).

Hosting duties are never-ending but, with these tips, you could be on your way to the best party of your twenty-something lifetime!

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Now, we toss the hat to you.  Share your party hosting experiences with us below — the good and the bad!  How did you deal with them and rise to the top?

By: Gina Oursler | Photo Credit: Naomi Roe