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Great Gift Ideas For a Holiday White Elephant Party

6 of the quirkiest gift ideas for this year's white elephant party!

Holiday White Elephant parties tend to be some of the most enjoyable gift exchanges of the season, and really, are more like an epic challenge as to who can find the most ridiculous, hilarious or odd-ball gift out there.

Take a look at a few these finds below, and go for White Elephant gold at this year’s events.

1. Jolly Jester Sweater Dress

You…yes, I’m talking to you. Put down those Christmas socks! The last thing this year’s holiday White Elephant party needs is another pair of naughty gingerbread man socks. Instead, think funny and warm Christmas dresses.

Amp up this year’s exchange with the Jolly Jester Sweater Dress from Tipsy Elves, which is the ultimate in holiday tackiness, and would make for an excellent crossover for any ugly sweater parties that may be also on this year’s holiday docket. 

2. Rednek Wine Glasses

There’s something about the holiday season that makes you want to bust out the finery, so you of course, your friends are sure to be pleased as punch to score a set of the ultimate in class: the original, RedNek Wine Glasses.

Comprised of a Bell Mason Jar set atop a sturdy, Libbey candlestick stems, these also come complete with their original, screw-on canning lids. So if the night gets a bit rowdy, or a beverage is left abandoned, it can be sealed right up for next-day consumption, which after all, is in true redneck fashion!

3. Toilet Bowl Mug

White Elephant parties were made for potty humor, so both tea and coffee drinkers alike will get a kick out of grossing out their coworkers with BigMouth Inc’s Toilet Bowl Mug (especially if the office stuff is notoriously bad.)

However, even for the coffee connoisseur who only drinks the “good stuff,” drinking out this mug may make them think twice. Featuring a wide, 12-oz ceramic basin, can get a mouthful of their favorite beverage. Although no toilet brush is included, hand washing is recommended.

4. Say Cheese Instant Slicer

This is certainly “nacho mama’s” cheese slicer. Hipsters, fromage-lovers, and photo nerds will go nuts for this Polaroid camera turned cheese ninja.

The Say Cheese Instant Slicer develops perfectly polaroid-shaped slices, no shaking — or waiting — required. With it’s old school charm, it’s going to have everyone asking to cut the cheese… however; it should be noted, this guy was made for the hard stuff only, so brie, gorgonzola and other softies will have to step out of the lineup.

5. Sriracha 2-Go Keychain

Does this even need explanation? It’s Sriracha — the hip gourmand’s condiment of choice — in a convenient, easy-to-tote container, and is hands down a White Elephant winner. Foodies know everything’s just a little bit better with a kick, and with a travel-sized Sriracha on your person, no one ever has to live in fear of a bland meal ever again. The bottle comes with 1.7oz of spicy goodness on an easy to clip-on-and-off carabiner. And, if you want to get really crazy, you can order personalized Sriracha 2-Go Keychains with a special message of your choosing.

6. Catsparella Cookie Molds

You don’t have to be a feline fanatic to fall in love with these cookie molds from Catsparella. Seriously, all White Elephant gag gifts and joking, aside — this one is seriously cute and will give your gift exchange crew a reason to elevate their baking game.

Whether making cakes, cookies or fudge-inspired treats, these molds make sweet treats come to life. The silicon tray has three rows of molds, featuring three purrfectly distinct poses, including the classic curled up kitty, a regal sitting profile or the dead-on cat-stare.

7. Safari TV Cardboard

The iPad has become our anywhere and everywhere TV, web browser and sometimes coaster. That thing puts in work, and could probably use a break. When hanging at home, the Safari TV Cardboard iPad stand is an inventive tool to keep your iPad upright.

It’s sort of an ingenious way to display recipes or shows while knocking around the kitchen or a nifty piece of decor that can display your latest photo gallery, which definitely makes this another White Elephant winner.

Keep these ideas in mind as you shop for your White Elephant party and earn the title of best gift giver around.

This article is featured on behalf of Kate Anderson.