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4 Ways To Improve Your Boyfriend’s Style

How to casually convince your boyfriend to dress better and look sharper.

Personal style just doesn’t come naturally to some men (ok, most). We all know the ones: the guys who have worn the same fraternity shirts and holey jeans since college, and whose shoe collection consists of flip flogs and sneakers. Not that there’s anything wrong with a few casual pieces, but there’s something to be said for the guy that can dress himself well and knows it.

He radiates confidence and commands rooms, and lucky for you, even the frumpiest guy can transform into a style butterfly with just a few improvements to his closet.

1. Get Him a Tailored Suit

The key to a knockout suit? It’s all in the tailoring. The models we see on TV and actors on red carpets are all wearing suits made to fit them like a glove. Just like your favorite dress or pair of jeans, they’re made to each individuals strengths and minimize any problem areas. It’s sized to his proportions so he doesn’t come out looking like Pee Wee Herman with a jacket sleeves that barely reach his wrists, and figure-skimming rather than 1920’s gangster baggy.

So rather than send him to the department store, have him invest in an actual bespoke suit. Sure, it may be more expensive in the beginning, but a well-made suit will last him for years and he’ll get more wear out of a suit he actually feels good in. Plus, both you and he will enjoy all the heads he’ll turn just strolling down the street.

2. Look for Slim Fits

Remember that 1960s gangster? Yeah, we don’t want our guys to look like him. Boxy blazers and baggy pants do little to accentuate a guy’s strengths. And while some men may be tempted to size up, ill-sized clothing will only make him look bigger and put any problem areas on display. So urge your guy to explore slim fit clothes that skim the body. We’re not talking super skinny jeans here; just something that fits his body size and shape well while still being comfortable.

3. Build Up the Basics

There are a few staples that belong in every man’s closet, and if done well can take him from frumpy to fashionable. We’re talking everyday items like the perfect pair of jeans (dark wash is a win-win, and remember slim fit is better) and classic crew neck shirts. Throw a nice button down, a navy cardigan and a bomber jacket into the mix, and he’ll be ready to debut his new fashion-forward self.

4. Accessorize

Improving his style doesn’t mean he has to go all out. Just a few simple additions can drastically transform his closet. Start with a tie; nothing too flashy or pattern-heavy, instead stick to solid neutrals like grey and blue that go with a number of colors, and make it a classic material like silk that won’t deteriorate after a few wears.

Another easy accessory? A nice watch. Though we live in the age of the smart phone and timepieces are fading into relics of the past, a nice watch still compliments almost any outfit your guy puts on. There’s plenty of room for personal style here, whether he’s into a more casual, utilitarian look or a fancy silver or gold that will stand out with his killer new suit. Stylish swiss made watches are just the type of watches he might need. Just be sure to measure their wrist size, because not all watches will be the right fit, and you don’t want to turn this thoughtful gift into a burden instead.

And as every girl knows, an outfit is only as good as the shoes paired with it. Make sure he has a go-to pair to pull together his wardrobe. One that pairs well with suits like a tan or brown leather and a casual pair (try Converse or Born brands) will round out his closet nicely. Don’t forget the socks! Premium men’s socks can impress, and you can find a variety of sock styles that will match his newfound style.

And there you have it. Just a few simple improvements can take your man from frumpy to fabulous.

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This article is featured on behalf of Holly Tomlinson.