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Why you should be watching Doctor Who


Hands up: who here has heard about the 50th Anniversary episode of Doctor Who?  It’s hard to escape when it’s all over Facebook and that Whovian friend of yours has a bounce in their step.  Maybe you’re just waiting for all the hype to dissipate, but before you hunker down to do just that, here’s a few reasons you might want to try the proverbial bowtie on for size.

  1. The Doctor is the last of his kind, a traveling alien who looks like a human and carries the weight of the universe on his shoulders, so it goes without saying he’s a little different and his solutions to problems are a little unorthodox.  If there’s a fire, he won’t just put it out: he’ll ask it where it’s from, what its name is, and how he can help. Seek first to understand, then to be understood!

  2. Both the Doctor and the writers for Doctor Who can occasionally be a little too clever for their own good. The Doctor doesn’t always see the flaw in his cleverly-designed master plan because he’s too busy looking at the big picture and, as for the writers, they write themselves into twisted plots that can get a little wobbly and, okay, confusing. Life isn’t always simple or easily explained, and neither is Doctor Who: sometimes it’s okay just to sit back and enjoy the ride.

  3. When you’re standing on a spaceship in the year 5,000,000,000 and witnessing Earth’s demise, you’re bound to get a little philosophical.  As the Doctor puts it, “You think it’ll last forever, people and cars and concrete, but it won’t. One day it’s all gone.  Even the sky.”  The present is all we have, so take the time to be adventurous, let people know you care, and make the most of every day, even Mondays.

  4. The Doctor rarely travels alone, and when he does it often has dire consequences. As we mentioned earlier, he has a tendency to focus on the big picture, and it’s often his companions who point out the little things along the way that prove to be a crucial piece of the puzzle. While it’s good to be self-reliant, sometimes we need a little push – just like the Doctor does – to remind us that we don’t have to go it alone.

There you have it: not just one but four reasons Doctor Who has made it this far, and it keeps getting better and better. And did we mention the epic music? Doctor Who has something for everyone, including you!  So grab some popcorn and settle in for a marathon, because once you start you won’t want to stop.  In the words of the Doctor: “Geronimo!”

About the Author

Victoria Fry

Victoria is a writing coach who's a creative catalyst for burnt-out writers, helping them tell the stories jostling for room in their heart and mind. She also writes, devours books, loves to dance, and takes part in a weekly Star Wars tabletop game.