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Welcome to 2014: The year of “YES!”


I am an extrovert, through and through, which means that I get energy from just being around other people. So when I do nothing but sit around my apartment reading, Netflix bingeing, or knitting, I can get sucked into a hole of antisocial behavior. After a while it becomes easier to just sit at home and watch everyone else’s adventures take place via social media sites. I hope this sounds familiar to some of you out there.

When I’m busy being boring and indoors, one of my favorite things to do is watch those long and drawn-out indie adventure movies on Netflix. You know the one’s I’m talking about? If you don’t know what I’m referring to please think of this one, that one, and especially this one. So, in 2014, I’m going to start living like the movies I love.*

While I was visiting family during the holiday my grandmother said something that truly struck me. She is exceptionally well-traveled: cruises, roadtrips, flights overseas, etc. She encouraged me to travel as well (advice which I’m sure we hear all too often) and then said that she wished she had traveled more while she was younger. Yes, it was easier now that she was a retiree, but that didn’t matter. She said that I needed to do it now, and I agree.

But it’s not only traveling, readers, it’s life. Life is flying past us faster than we can fathom. Think about it, doesn’t it feel like you graduated yesterday? Well, wake up time, it was months or even years ago. So I’m going to travel more this year. I’m going to take French lessons so that I can go to Montreal and really blend in. I’m going to go visit my favorite musician’s record store one weekend with a friend because I can. And I’m going to play roller derby, get bruised and banged up, just because I want a funny name (I’ve been thinking Betty Clockher).

There are a dozen more experiences I’m going to go out and gain this year. Some of them I’m sure I can’t even imagine. I’m going to start catching those curve balls that life throws at me and putting them into play. Think of it like scheduling some spontaneity into your new year. Join me this year in living the way you want to. Maybe your “Year of Yes” will look and sound a lot different than mine. Fabulous! I would love to hear about it in that handy little comment section!

We are fierce, fearless, and flawless! If we want to go do something we have all the power in the world to go out and grab it.  Simply put dear readers, I am going to start saying yes more in 2014 (and I think you should, too).

*Please note that I’m not going to blow off all of my responsibilities and become a vagabond. I’m just going to start making time for life adventures like I do for meetings, class, and work.

About the Author

F. Lee

F is a graduate student who enjoys knitting, baking, theatre, The Boston Red Sox, being sassy, and roller derby. She is pursuing a career in mental healthcare and hopes to help and advocate for the LGBT community.