Netflix Addiction

As the temperature gets colder, snuggling up under a blanket and having a Netflix binge sound more and more appealing. Whether you are powering through one of their fantastic original series or indulging in your Netflix guilty pleasure, it’s easy to lose hours or even days on the website. Now, it’s great to veg out and take yourself out of “real life” every so often, and Netflix can do just that. But the pride in powering through three seasons of Arrested Development just isn’t as sweet when you realize you are covered head-to-toe in Cheeto dust and surrounded by no less than fifteen empty cans of Diet Coke.

So how to you feed your Netflix addiction, and still feel productive and good about yourself? Easy!

  1. Get Crafty – By far the easiest way to indulge in some guilty pleasure television while still being productive is to make something physical. Holding whatever you’ve made and knowing that you do, in fact, have something to show for your time besides a slightly smaller Netflix queue is a great feeling. Easy hobbies to pick up include cross-stitching and knitting. There are some great pop-culture cross stitching patterns on Etsy and elsewhere that you would be proud to display in your own home instead of passing off to, say, your grandmother. And who can ever have enough knitted scarves or hats! Monotonous, time-consuming craft projects are also a great Netflix activity. DIYs like this giant woven rug from A Beautiful Mess or this thumbtack wreath from Babble are great examples of projects to complete while powering through a season or two of your favorite show.

  2. Clean Up – Sometimes, as a twenty-something, you have to give up little luxuries like a dishwasher. Living with no dishwasher, especially if you are living with another person (or two or three) can make washing dishes a time-consuming chore. Personally, I don’t hate doing dishes, but I do hate losing that time. I discovered, however, that this is a great opportunity to catch up on shows I want to watch! Plop your computer down on a nearby cabinet and get washing! (Bonus: Your housemates really can’t make fun of whatever guilty pleasure show you are watching because you are the one cleaning up the house. So go ahead and put on Say Yes to the Dress!)

  3. Work Out – The chillier weather means that a lot of us have to move our workout routines indoors. While I much prefer a sidewalk to a treadmill, the bright side is that working out is a great time to watch some of your favorite shows! Weather you are lifting weights, squeezing in some HIIT, or just spending some time on the treadmill, watching Netflix is a great way to make the time fly by.

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While it’s true that you could work on schoolwork, bills, or a blog post with Netflix on in the background, this type of multitasking is a lose-lose. These tasks require attention and your end result will only suffer. Doing repetitive tasks that are physically demanding, like crafting, cleaning, and working out, are a great time to give your brain a break and blow through your favorites on Netflix.

What do you do while watching Netflix? Do you have any favorite guilty pleasure shows?