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Traditional (and Not-So-Traditional) Gift Ideas For Your Next Anniversary

Happy anniversary

Picking out the perfect gift can be difficult, especially for your significant other. If you celebrate all the gift-giving holidays, including birthdays, an anniversary gift idea that is unique and original for your love can be hard to come by. But we’ve got you covered.

If you want to give gifts with a longstanding tradition behind them, consider these ideas for a conventional anniversary present:

  • One Year – Paper. Have a piece of art you both love? Consider getting a print of it to hang on the wall. Other ideas include monogrammed stationary, tickets to an event (like a concert or sports game), or a personalized photo book.
  • Two Years – Cotton. You could give a hand-stitched handkerchief if your love appreciates the old-timey stuff, or try a new, fun set of decorative pillows for a more modern feel. A new set of bed sheets or a comforter also make for practical gifts.
  • Three Years – Leather. Give a leather iPad or Kindle Fire cover, a leather wallet, or a nice pair of fancy leather dress shoes.
  • Four Years – Fruit/Flowers. Anyone else think this one’s a little odd, or is it just me? Regardless, your fourth year anniversary should be an easy one. Keep it fun by giving an edible arrangement of fruit and chocolates or by picking some really funky flowers. You could always give a nice bottle of wine, too – technically, that’s a fruit, right?
  • Five Years – Wood. You can get really creative with this one. Does your love have a nature-inspired style? Give a wooden ring, bracelet, or watch for a unique accessory. Some other ideas include a wooden picture frame (that you made yourself, perhaps?), wooden clocks, wooden bookends, or wooden pieces for your kitchen – bowls, serving platters, or lazy susans.

If you and your partner aren’t too concerned with what’s traditional, there are matching anniversary gifts for more modern tastes. These suggestions are more specific instead of being broad categories, so this might be the list to check out if you’re struggling to come up with a single gift that could be considered “paper” or “leather.”

  • One Year – Clocks
  • Two Years – China
  • Three Years – Crystal or Glass (you’ll be getting a lot of fancy dishware if you follow this list, apparently).
  • Four Years – Appliances (useful!)
  • Five Years – Silverware (back to the dinnerware again?)

Of course, you don’t have to stick to any list whatsoever. Anything handmade with love is sure to please. If you’re not crafty, consider planning a fun or fancy evening out for the two of you. Even if you do that every year, simply picking a different restaurant for a dinner out or a new activity to try together will keep things fresh and exciting. The bottom line is that any gift that is thoughtful or full of meaning will work perfectly for your next anniversary.

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