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20 Ways to Celebrate National Women’s Friendship Day

Did you know that the third Sunday in September is National Women’s Friendship Day? That’s right; there’s an entire day set aside for you to celebrate your go-to gals and best friends for life. Though a lesser-known holiday, it’s certainly one worth celebrating.

National Women’s Friendship Day was created by and for women by The Kappa Delta Sorority in 1999. The Kappa Delta Sorority started this day intending to encourage the celebration and recognition of female friendships.

Female friendships serve us in many ways, from understanding one another on a much different level than men to providing a voice of honesty and a sense of reason. In honor of National Women’s Friendship Day, call up your favorite gals, and do something special today! 

20 Ways to Celebrate National Women’s Friendship Day

  1. Make a brunch reservation for you and a small group of your best girls. Spend the morning sipping coffee and laughing together over breakfast.
  2. Not in the mood to go out today? Spend a relaxing day at home with your girls and invite them over to cook with you. Choose a recipe from your Pinterest board you’ve been dying to try and catch up while you cook together.
  3. Go shopping with your best friend. Call her up and let her know you’re having a mall day together. Shop till you drop! 
  4. If you’re feeling outdoorsy, see if your girl gang wants to head out for a hike. Spend some time in nature, and top the day off with a happy hour to follow. 
  5. Are you looking for a cheaper, more low-key adventure? Head to your local museum or spend the day museum hopping if that’s your thing. 
  6. Do you and your BFF have servant’s hearts? Spend the day together volunteering for a local organization or charity. Find an activity that you would both enjoy and spend the day doing good while giving back.
  7. If you’re looking for a more active way to spend your day together, consider signing up for a yoga, pilates, spin, or barre class. Enjoy a quick workout together, and treat yourselves afterward. 
  8. If you have many girlfriends you want to celebrate and spend the day with, consider hosting a themed dinner party. A dinner party is a great option, especially for those in your life who are more spontaneous. Text them the theme of the night, encourage them to dress up, and invite them over for dinner! 
  9. Treat yourselves because you and your friends deserve it! Schedule a full-blown spa day. Sneak in a massage, mani-pedis, and some time in the sauna if you can. To spoil yourselves, book an overnight getaway at a spa. 
  10. Bowling is a fun activity for any age. Grab your gal pals and head to the bowling alley for a night of laughs, entertainment, and bar snacks!
  11. Is your best friend the type who is always working on DIY projects and home crafts? Make her day with an arts & crafts day-long get together. Offer to help with any current DIY projects she’s working on, or start some new projects together entirely.
  12. Are you feeling sentimental? Print your favorite photos of you are your best girls and create a scrapbook together. Write your memories and favorite parts about each day in the pictures to look back on someday.
  13. Learn a new skill together today. You could sign up for a cooking class, dance lesson, or a beginner’s knitting class, to name a few. If you love the skill you learn, attend classes regularly with your besties. 
  14. If part or all of your girl gang doesn’t live nearby, spend the day calling each of your girls to see how they’re doing. You could also opt for a written option and send them letters or cards, letting them know you appreciate them.
  15. Do a best friend closet swap. Ditch those pieces of clothing you’re never going to wear but know they’ll look great on her and vice versa.
  16. Schedule a best friend photoshoot session. It doesn’t have to be fancy if you don’t want it to be, but snag an hour or two with a photographer and capture some shots of you and your gang to look back on for years to come.
  17. Curl up on the couch, and binge watch chick flicks all day. There’s nothing quite like watching cheesy love stories with your girls. Be sure to grab all of the much-needed movie day necessities, including popcorn, candy, drinks, comfy pillows, and blankets. 
  18. Are you a gamer? Opt for a night-in playing your all-time favorite video games together. Host a video game night potluck style and ask everyone to bring a snack to share.
  19. Give gifts to your best girls from women-owned small businesses. Support the women you’re close to in your life while simultaneously supporting female entrepreneurs. 
  20. Have a grownup sleepover! Who says you’re too old to stay up all night having fun with your friends? Get out the board games, sleeping bags, and polaroid camera because it’s going to be a fun night you don’t want to forget!

How will you celebrate National Women’s Friendship Day?! Leave us a comment below and let us know!

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