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How To Deal With Living Far Away From Your Best Friends

No matter where life takes us, your best friends will always be your partners in crime. Your best friends are the ones you call when you’re having a shopping crisis in TJ MAXX and don’t know which outfit to buy, they are there when you need to get out of a bad date or situation, and will even be there for moral support for whether or not to post an Instagram photo. Your best friends will always tell you how it is because they want what is best for you.

Living far way from your best friends after college can be tough. Some days will give you major FOMO (fear of missing out) because you were once used to being involved in one another’s lives every day at school. Now, you’re separated and have to resort to other forms of communication.

Living far away makes it hard to do the fun activities that you used to do when you lived close or even in the same apartment. Moving forward in life brings the obstacles of going long-term and long-distance with your best friends, especially when it comes down to the simple things.

Missing Out on Girls Night

Girls night is one of the best times you used to share with each other in college. Girls nights are always the best times spent together. You get to gossip about the latest news going on with celebrities or dive into your personal issues with your best friends surrounding you for support. Whether you were going out on the town dancing or spending the night in with a couple bottles of wine, these nights were the ones you cherished.

This is one of the hardest aspects of living far away from your best friends because you can’t just call them up and say meet me here or come over in an hour. Yes, phone calls are great to an extent, but in reality it’s best to see them face-to-face for old times sake. The only face-to-face we get is FaceTime, but it’s better than nothing. Anything to see my girls is a treat!

Girls nights are now scheduled dates due to limited time being in the same place at the same time. Everything is now scheduled around holidays and special occasions, so start booking for the Christmas season!

Group Chats

The amount of texts I send out daily to my best friends can be absurd at times. Living far away from your best friends will have you sending out group texts with meaningless content and inside jokes that no one else understands. There will be parts of the day where you’ll randomly send them a funny pic or a video of you singing the song you all loved pre-gaming to in college or jamming out to in the car.

Group chats are the most used aspect on your phone. Anything that’s remotely related to one another gets sent in that group chat. Sometimes more than others, the chat will give you major FOMO because you will witness all of your friends living it up in the big city. At the same time, it makes you extremely happy because no matter how far apart you are, you always feel included as if you were there too.

Staying connected is what keeps us sane and up to date on each other’s lives. If it wasn’t for technology and the power of texting, we’d rack up a hefty phone bill. You can even do something fun together like take this best friends quiz together and compare results!

Living far away from your best friends after college can be tough. Here are some ways to deal with the things you used to do together but now miss out on.

The Indecisive Outfit

Living far away from your best friends will have you second guessing your outfit choice. Back in college you were so used to sharing and digging through each other’s closets for something to wear for the night. This situation makes it a bit harder to lend clothes, and to see the best options for the occasion.

Instead of tearing up their closets and drawers for the ideal outfit, sending selfies of yourself will have to do. Being twenty-somethings you have definitely sent a selfie (or a couple dozen) to your best friends back home with the caption stating, “How does this look?” The indecisive outfit is only something that your best friends understand because let’s face it, your boyfriend will tell you anything looks good.

FOMO hits hard when you’re living far away from your best friends. Missing out on girls nights and staying under the same roof is what created these friendships. Staying connected is key to know what’s going on with each other’s lives, especially when you’re more than 1,200 miles away.

As Carrie Bradshaw would say, “Friendships don’t magically last 40 years, you have to invest in them. It’s like your savings: you don’t expect to wake up one day when you’re old and find a big bucket of money waiting there.”

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