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25 Examples of Social Goals For Students To Achieve

Are you looking to start a new year at college filled with fun and entertainment? Other than academics, it’s important to develop friendships and network within the college environment. Because the reality is that in the working world, making new friends is actually harder than expected.  

So, what are some ways you can make more friends? Sure, you can join clubs, go to events, and socialize in the school gym. But if you want to make the most out of your college experience and social situations, it’s best to set some social goals for yourself. 

Here are some examples of social goals: 

Examples of Social Goals For Students

Extra-Curricular goals 

Extra-curricular goals are mainly goals which are centered on joining student activities and clubs.

By joining extra-curricular activities, students can develop their interpersonal skills through social interactions and develop strong professional relationships within the school. 

1. Obtain a first-year representative position for a club 

In high school, a few of us may have joined the student council. However, in college, if you don’t feel comfortable joining the student council in your first year, that’s totally a-okay. Instead, you can join a club and choose to be elected as a first-year representative.

Every club will have a different application process, as some may require personal statements, essays, and some may require signatures for elections. 

So, it’s best to join a club that suits your interests. Because at the end, you want to contribute to an issue which affects you deeply. 

2. Go on an event hosted by your school’s student association 

Student associations advocate on the behalf of college students. But other than social justice pursuits, student associations also host plenty of events which are popular amongst college students.

One of these events is frosh week; practically known as an orientation week where students attend concerts and network with each other.

However, throughout the year, the student association will host trips, galas, and other events. You can meet other college students throughout these events and network more. So, why not join one? 

3.  Get an on-campus job 

Another way to meet new people in your college is by obtaining an on-campus job. Throughout the year, college departments hire for many student positions mainly for administrative and customer-service related tasks. 

These jobs will allow you to familiarize yourself more with your college. 

4. Volunteer for frosh week 

If you’re in your second or third year of college, you can consider volunteering for your frosh week. 

Other than orientation leaders, you can also volunteer to become a logistics leader. These people focus on ensuring that the event runs smoothly. And if you have gained enough volunteer experience, you can become one of the planners for frosh week as well. This way, you’ll be able to meet plenty of new incoming students. 

5. Consider applying to be a mentee, or a mentor. 

If you’re anxious about the transition to college, you may be glad to hear that universities or colleges offer plenty of mentorship programs. This is especially important if you’re starting out in college, as you may benefit from someone who’s more experienced with navigating the college environment. 

However, if you have already navigated the transition of first year, feel free to sign up to be a mentor for incoming students. This will allow you to share your knowledge with others. 

And moreover, you’ll make new friends in both positions. 

Examples of Social Goals For Students

Networking Goals 

Other than extracurricular goals, you can also aim to learn the importance of networking within college as well. You’ll be more prepared to network in the professional world in this case. Here are some examples of networking goals: 

6. Form a study group for each class 

Every college student will tell you the importance of having a good study group for each class. But in order to form one, you’ll need to interact with other college students

There may be plenty of people in your class who are looking for a study buddy. So, don’t feel shy to ask around and exchange numbers. 

7. Attend job fairs 

Although job fairs do sound scary, they do help with leveraging and developing your communication and interpersonal skills. Both of these skills are important as a college student, especially in terms of navigating the social atmosphere. 

8. Use group work as a networking opportunity 

I know we all hate the words ‘group work ‘. But in reality, group work happens all the time in the professional world. You’ll need to work as a team to solve problems and complete tasks for plenty of jobs. So, group work is more vital than ever. 

When you are assigned to work with a partner, use it as an opportunity to network with your partner. Get to know them more on a personal level, and ask about their interests while maintaining a professional boundary. 

After all, you don’t know when you may meet each other again. 

9. Create/modify class group chats with close friends

I know we all don’t want to join group chats at times, but that doesn’t mean you can create a group chat dedicated to classroom tasks with close friends. 

When creating these group chats, ensure that you’re setting the boundaries and rules beforehand. State what conversations should be discussed, and which conversations may be deemed as inappropriate. 

So in this case, everyone in the group chat will be able to respect each other’s space and make new friends

Examples of Social Goals For Students

Social Event Goals 

Other than networking and extracurriculars, it’s also important to enjoy the social aspects in college which may not be related to school. Here are some ways to do so: 

10. Aim to go to a dorm party 

I know dorms usually have rules about guests. So, it’s best to ensure that your visit is approved by the resident advisor. 

But other than that, dorm parties are a great way to make new friends, socialize on campus, and explore the residence. They can be plenty of fun with music and delicious treats. You may make new friends and perhaps meet a new partner. 

11. Go to a restaurant with a new friend every month 

Many of us do live the broke college student lifestyle. After all, college is expensive with tuition, schooling, and books to pay for. 

However, you can still pitch in a few bucks for a coffee or food get-together with a classmate. 

12. Aim to go to a house party 

Other than dorm parties, some college students may host house parties, especially those who don’t live on campus. 

If you see that your fellow classmate is hosting one, you can join the party as well. House parties are usually in bigger spaces than dorms, and there are usually lesser restrictions. So, be prepared for a wild night. 

13. Go to a concert with some friends from school 

Do you and your new friend share similar musical interests? In order to celebrate your similarity in music tastes, you can purchase a ticket for a concert with your friend. 

You’ll be able to enjoy a night full of loud music, good energy, and companionship. 

14. Go to a music festival with a college friend 

College is all about exploring your own interests and getting out of your comfort zone. You can do this by bringing a couple of friends and going to a music festival. Sure, they’re expensive but the experience is usually worth it. 

15. Go on a road trip 

When exam season is over and summer arrives, feel free to go on a road trip with a few friends. 

Choose a destination, drive there, and pack some food along the way. Jam to some music as well – it will be an unforgettable experience. 

16. Travel to another country during college with friends

It’s best to do some travelling within college as it will broaden your horizons and allow you to understand more about different cultures. 

Once you get your passport renewed, book a flight to another country and learn more about the region. Grab a camera and take some pictures for memories after graduation for you and your friends. 

17. Book a hotel room with friends for a night 

This is usually done by college students to celebrate a friend’s birthday, or New Year’s Eve. 

Ensure that the costs are split evenly between all parties and choose a date when everyone is available. During the night, feel free to play some music and games, such as truth or dare. You may learn something new about your friends. 

18. Go to an amusement park with friends 

Nothing is better than spending a day going on roller coasters with friends. Amusement parks are full of energy, fun, and enthusiasm. 

And they’re the best place to spend time with college friends. You’ll be able to enjoy the thrill and suspense of rides. And you’ll go home with lasting memories. 

19. Play sports with college friends

It’s hard to dedicate time to sports with plenty of extracurricular activities and academic school-work to focus on. 

However, if you haven’t tried a sport, you can try one with your college friends. You’ll just need to find a local recreation centre, attend the drop-in hours and begin improving your skills. You never know what you’ll end up liking. 

20. Go to night events with college friends 

Many places such as museums or festival organizations, will host night events for college-aged students. 

One way of creating stronger friendships is by attending these events and enjoying them with your friends. 

21. Go to a sports game with college friends 

If you attend college in a big city, you may know about the hype for their athletic teams. 

Sports games are definitely a once-in-a-lifetime experience, as you’ll be able to cheer on your favorite team and support their games. 

22. Organize a bubble tea night

Bubble tea is a drink originated from Taiwan, but is now enjoyed by everyone around the world. 

You can organize a bubble tea night every month for a group of college students off-campus. Throughout the nights, you can go to a different bubble tea location and try a different flavor. And you may realize that you’ll never run out of options. 

Examples of Social Goals For Students

Other Friendship-Related Goals 

These are fun goals which you can decide to do with your close friends in college.

23. Create a friends group social media account

I’ve seen these accounts many times among college students. And if you’re feeling adventurous, why not create your own? 

You can post pictures with your friends on these accounts as memories. In fact, the account can be like a mini photo album. 

24. Do a friendship graduation photo-shoot 

Set up your room, grab your camera, and take plenty of pictures with your friends group wearing a graduation outfit. Because after all, you survived college. 

25. Create a finals’ week sleepover with your group of friends

During finals’ week, we’re all stressed and in a rush to complete our exams. The hours of studying can be brutal, and in fact, many college students would crash at the library

However, you can host a sleepover with your group of friends over at your place, if it’s near the campus. During these sleepovers, you can review key terminology and quiz each other. 

You’re all in this together as friends. 

In Summary: Social Goals for College Students 

There are plenty of social goals for a college student in terms of trying to become more accustomed to campus life. 

College is a huge transition for many young adults, so it may be difficult to develop the necessary friendships and networking skills at first. 

However, with more time and growth, these skills can be developed in no time and an individual can feel more confident about themselves. 

The importance of college is getting to know the environment and the people around you, as it can benefit you for future workplaces. Though it can be difficult at first, just remember to be yourself. So then, your friends will come.

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