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10 Best Organic Tea Brands (Top 10)

If you are reading this right now, I’m assuming you are part of the tea lovers club. As tea drinkers know, there’s nothing like a cup of tea to warm the body, calm the nerves, and relax. Click here to jump to the list.

Whether you are an avid tea drinker, an occasional sipper, or anything in between, today I’m showing you why you should make the switch to organic tea.

5 Reasons Why People Drink Tea

Why do you grab a cup of tea? Is it for enjoyment, relaxation, or something else? There are many reasons why some people like to drink tea. Here are a few of those reasons.

  • Health benefits: Various teas can provide great health benefits. I’ll go more into these later in this post.
  • It can help change your mood: Different teas also can provide mood boosts and changes in your mood. I’ll go into this later as well.
  • There are many options: Just like coffee has many different flavors, customizations, and more, tea does as well. You can drink it hot or iced, choose green tea or lavender tea, there are plenty of options.
  • It hydrates you: Did you know that tea is more than 90% water? That means that it makes a great choice for quenching your thirst.
  • Enjoyment: Sipping tea makes a great “me-time” activity, or even a catch-up date with a friend.

Traditional vs. Organic Tea

There are a variety of reasons why organic tea is the way to go when it comes to most anything, but especially tea.

From the ingredients to the packaging, traditional tea just doesn’t make the cut once you realize what all is in it and how it can be damaging to your health and the environment. 

In recent years, research has shown Traditional teas are grown heavily fertilized with pesticides and other toxins. This is bad for the environment, the town it’s grown in, the farmers that grow them, and the consumers that buy the tea.

There are a few facts about how traditional tea is grown and harvested that are quite alarming:

  1. The leaves from traditional tea plants are actually never washed until they are in your cup. That means that it’s carrying all of the chemical treatments used during the growing process. 
  2. If that isn’t bad enough, tea plants in Asia are grown at higher elevations. This means that all of the toxins and pesticides from the chemically treated fertilizer end up running downstream to the surrounding neighborhoods. Spreading the toxins even further than the farmers and the consumers.

Drinking traditional tea has some side effects that range from nausea and muscle pain to infertility and cancer. The good news is that you have another option — organic teas. Choosing organic tea has many health benefits, like a boosted immunity, healthier gut, and weight loss to name a few.

Benefits Of The Different Types Of Teas

Now that you know the benefits of organic tea, let’s discover other benefits your daily cup of tea can have. Depending on what type of tea you are drinking, you could get relief from sleeping problems, pain, and even help with weight loss, to name a few.

Find out what benefits belong to which tea below.

  • Green: When you think of healthy tea this is most likely the first one you think of, right? Green tea has been known to help many illnesses and health problems. That includes lowering cholesterol, preventing cavities, and even stopping the growth of tumors. 
  • Rooibos: This tea has numerous health benefits due to all of the essential minerals and natural antioxidants found in it. Some of those benefits are healthy skin, teeth, and bones and help with stomach discomfort. Rooibos tea even helps reduce the risk and effects of skin cancer.
  • Black: Black tea has healing properties for both inside and outside of the body. Drinking a cup of this tea can help with headaches, stress, and fatigue. It can also be topically applied to help with things like cuts and burns.
  • Oolong: This tea can be described as a combination of green tea and black tea. That is because it stops the oxidation process right before the tea leaves turn brown. It also means that oolong tea gets a combination of benefits from green and black teas. These benefits include improving illnesses associated with the kidney and spleen, and helping with weight loss. 
  • Chamomile: This is much more than a flower. This tea can help with a variety of health concerns, as well as help with sleep. If you drink Chamomile tea you may notice relief from things like sleep disorders, anxiety, skin conditions, and stomach problems.
  • White: Since white tea is the least oxidized of all of the teas there are several great benefits to it. One of the biggest benefits is how it fights the growth of bacteria that causes diseases. Some other benefits are clearer skin and a calmer, more focused state of mind.
  • Peppermint: Peppermint tea is caffeine-free and helps with discomforting illnesses and symptoms like asthma, and menstrual headaches. It’s also a great help with digestion. It’s a great tea to have in the morning as you are getting ready for your day.

As you can see, drinking tea has many, many benefits. If you’re drinking tea regularly, you’re going to want to make sure it is organic to avoid toxin and pesticides in your cup of tea. Let’s dive into the 10 best organic tea brands to buy from.

What To Look For In Tea

There are just a few more things that you’ll want to keep in mind when you are shopping for your next tea blend. Knowing this information will help you make a more informed decision when searching for your next organic tea blend.

  • USDA certified: This means that the US Department of Agriculture has performed specific and thorough tests to ensure that organic practices and products were used in the product that is certified.
  • Organic label: If a product has an organic label, this means that it was created with minimal synthetic pesticides and fertilizers. When a product has this, but not the USDA seal, it can raise suspicion on whether or not there are actual organic ingredients in the product. 
  • Loose leaf: This type of tea leaves are of a higher quality than teabags. While loose leaf tea isn’t as convenient as tea bags, it makes up for that with a stronger flavor. It just depends on what you value/need more while you are stocking up on your tea at the grocery store.

Making sure you are buying organic tea and fair trade tea should be high on the priority list when picking from the best tea brands. You might see some brands, like bigelow tea – a major tea brand, that are a certified b corportation, however, their teas are not organic so you need to look deeper at the individual companies before purcahsing.

Beyond looking for these things you always want to avoid teas that have artificial flavoring added. Toxic chemicals will never be listed on the label, however, there are major brands

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10 Best Organic Tea Brands to Buy From

Now that you are ready to make the move to organic tea, here are some great brands that I recommend for the best organic tea. 

Pique Tea

Pique Tea is on a mission to “create doctor-approved, cutting-edge solutions” for your overall health. They do this through their teas and supplements that have been praised by many health and beauty experts like Kelly LeVeque (holistic nutritionist, celebrity health coach), Dr. Will Cole (leading functional-medicine expert), and Mark Hyman, MD (13x New York Times bestselling author).

They take pride in the fact that all of the ingredients they source are Triple Toxin Screened for purity, heavy metals, and bioactivity, so you can be sure you are getting the cleanest products.

A great feature of the website is that you can shop according to your health goals. Whether you are looking for immune support, better digestion, more energy, or radiant skin, you’ll be able to shop with confidence knowing what you need. Their line of teas include green teas, black teas, and various herbal teas.

Their matcha is unparalleled and one of the best available on the market. Their organic green tea is one of my top favorite tea picks.

Art of Tea

Based out of California, this company values the products they make and the customers that consume their products. They strive to make every product excellent by carefully selecting top tier organic teas from around the world.

With the help of master tea blender Steve Schwartz, Art of Tea has become an authority figure in the tea industry. They offer things like retail teas, a hospitality tea program, and they even offer training to other tea-obsessed people wanting to know more about the tea industry and how to improve their craft. 

Some of the teas that you can purchase from Art of Tea originate from Egypt, Japan, India, and more. You have options to purchase it in loose leaf form, tea bag sachets, and sampler packs.

To really get a feel for this company, they offer what is called a Tea Club/Tea of the Month. It works like a subscription box. You choose what type of teas you want (Caffeine Free, Classic, Single Origin, Explore, and Pyramid Sachets), how long you want to join, and then wait for your first box. In addition to the teas you receive you’ll also get information about what you are drinking. 


While more technically made to replace coffee, this company started out as a personal mission from the founder, Shane, to find something that could give him the benefits of coffee, without the jitters, dependency, and crashes. This mission took him everywhere from India to California. Shane then started combining all that he had tried and learned to craft the perfect drink. After some failed attempts he found it! This custom drink became an everyday ritual for Shane, and he started noticing mental, physical, and emotional benefits. MUD/WTR was born, and has now been shared with the world.

The company prides itself in including a seventh of the caffeine as coffee does, and they are passionate about helping people get rid of their coffee/caffeine dependency. As far as products go, MUD/WTR features two blends, one for your morning and one for your evening. Each is made with organic ingredients that provide great benefits.

Rishi Tea

Rishi Tea was one of the first companies to earn organic certification under the USDA’s National Organic Program back in November 2002. Today they continue to offer their organic premium tea while remaining focused on sustainability. They are a direct trade company, so you can be sure that the tea you drink from them is the best quality and even locate where the tea plants were grown. 

Some of the tea you can purchase from Rishi Tea are black, oolong, chai, and matcha. You can even shop by your wellness needs. Some examples are for sleep, digestion, immunity, and more. They even offer recipes on the website, there is everything from milk tea to french toast sticks that you can check out. 

Their organic tea bags are some of my favorites because they are compostable. As a brand, Rishi is committed to sustainable practices and bringing you the healthiest tea.

Fraser Tea

Founded by three of the Fraser brothers, this company truly is a family affair. Their history with enjoying and studying teas has helped them develop the fresh, organic blends that they offer today. The brothers are passionate about creating unique, handcrafted blends that not only taste amazing, but also have health benefits. 

There are over 100 tea blends created from FraserTea. Each blend is made with the best organic ingredients. You’ve got the classics like black tea, green tea, oolong, matcha, and more. Then there are a variety of flavors like spicy, fruity, and minty you can choose from. Then you have filters like mood and wellness needs that help you narrow your search for the perfect tea.


Teabloom is all about bringing those special memories to the forefront of your mind, or creating even more special memories. Their goal is to create an elevated tea drinking experience. This company started in 2016 with that same goal that they have today. The founder places high importance on making sure that the company is sustainable and uses premium organic ingredients and certified materials. 

You can find Teabloom’s teaware and tea blends in many places like hotels and restaurants. You can also purchase products on their website.

The fresh tea leaves are made in small batches and then sealed in airtight containers. This ensures you are getting the best tea experience from the first sip to the last.

There are many different blends to choose from as well. You’ve got fresh, floral ones like floral rooibos and green cherry blossoms. Then there are the warm and sweet blends like sweet vanilla chai and caramel almond blossom. Whatever you are feeling, there is a Teabloom blend for you.

Yogi Tea

The guiding principle behind this Oregon-based company is serving. They want to serve their customers with the highest quality teas while also serving the environment. Since they are rooted in teachings of Ayurveda, Yogi Tea takes a “holistic approach to wellness, and emphasizes the importance of bringing your body, mind, and spirit into a state of balance.”

The company regularly tests their suppliers and the ingredients to make sure you are getting the highest quality tea blends. This extra effort has led to most of their blends to be USDA Organic Certified, and all of their products are free of GMO ingredients, artificial ingredients, and are not contaminated by ionizing radiation.

You’ll find a variety of teas in their online shop. They are listed by type, health benefit, and flavor. You can even purchase a variety pack. They are known for their popular herbal teas.


This fun brand knows how to have a tea party, while also being serious about their tea. They have been traveling the world since 2008 trying to find well-crafted, single-origin loose leaf teas.

Something that separates DAVIDsTEA from the others is their passion for community. They have a podcast, a Facebook group, and more benefits from shopping at DAVIDsTea.

DAVIDsTEA is home to North America’s largest matcha collection, and that’s not all of the tea they offer. You can also purchase other options like iced teas and cold brew, to name a few, in flavors like pumpkin, mint, and chai.

Tea Drops

This next company is different from any others I have listed here. Instead of coming in a teabag, Tea Drops are organic, ground leaf teas that are pressed into shapes. When you put it in hot water and stir it around, that’s where the magic happens.

Tea Drops is a woman-founded and led company that started in 2015. A major aspect of their business is how they give back to the Thirst Project. With every box purchase they donate a year’s supply of water to those that need it.

This variety box is perfect for an introduction to the company, and the tea drop method. It includes the flavors Matcha Green, Rose Earl Grey, Citrus Ginger, and Sweet Peppermint. If you have a loved one that enjoys tea, this would make a great gift also.

They also partner with companies like Copper Cow Coffee to make unique teas like Thai Iced Tea.

Arbor Teas

We’ve reached the last of the organic tea companies. This family-owned company was founded in 2004. Arbor Teas use their business to help make the environment better. Not only is the packaging compostable, but some of the products are Fair Trade Certified®. They also do their part on the business side of things in the company by having Carbonfree® business practices.

Arbor Teas  have one of the largest selections of certified organic loose leaf tea. This means you are sure to find an organic tea blend you’ll love. Some of the products you’ll find are samplers for each type of tea. This will help you find the perfect tea for you. Whatever you choose, you can be comforted knowing how many precautions this company takes to make sure you are getting organic, high-quality teas.

In Summary: 10 Best Organic Tea Brands

As you can see, buying organic tea is the best way to go as a tea drinker. Most traditional teas are contaminated with toxins and pesticides that you simply do not need in your body. Buying from a tea company that tests their teas and follows fair trade, ethical practices, and cares about carbon emissions is the way to go.

What will your next cup of tea be? Let me know in the comments!

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