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20 Books To Read This Summer

Summer is now in full swing. This is a fun season because many people feel relaxed and happier. Calling all Book Lovers—I wanted to share with you nine great books to read this summer. 

20 Books To Read This Summer

Vacations are happening, road tripping is more common, and we all, mostly, have more time to spend on hobbies. A great hobby to spend time on is reading. Whether you are looking for a beach read, or you are passing time inside with the air conditioner on, there is something different with summer reading. I feel like I retain books better, or can let my imagination run more, during the summer. 

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Summer is the perfect time to escape into another world. That’s exactly where you can go when reading a fiction book. These books would make great beach reads, or getaway reads when you are stuck at home.

People We Meet on Vacation by Emily Henry: This book was released earlier this year, and became a New York Times Best Seller. It was named a Most Anticipated Book of 2021 by several major companies, Newsweek, PopSugar, and Buzzfeed, to name a few.

People We Meet On Vacation is about two friends, Alex and Poppy, who meet up after a falling out two years ago. They used to go on an annual week-long vacation. Now that they are meeting up again, will this vacation fix their falling out? I can’t wait to read this book to find out.

The Midnight Library by Matt Haig: Choices. That is what this book is all about. In The Midnight Library the main character, Nora, finds herself in an interesting library.

Each book in this library tells a story about the life Nora would have lived if she made a different choice. I’m in a book club that is reading this book and I can’t wait to start reading it soon.

Rise To The Sun by Leah Johnson: This is a that book centers around a music festival where two heartbroken girls join forces to help each other through the weekend. I’ve always known that music is a powerful way to heal and connect. I’m excited to read a book that centers around that theme.

What Comes After by JoAnne Tompkins: In misty, coastal Washington State, Isaac lives alone with his dog, grieving the recent death of his teenage son, Daniel. Next door, Lorrie, a working single mother, struggles with a heinous act committed by her own teenage son. Separated by only a silvery stretch of trees, the two parents are emotionally stranded, isolated by their great losses—until an unfamiliar sixteen-year-old girl shows up, bridges the gap, and changes everything.

The Paper Palace by Miranda Cowley Heller: Set against the backwoods and beaches of Cape Cod in the summer, The Paper Palace is for anyone who craves a gripping family drama, a tensely written revenge novel, or a passionate love story. It is a riveting and relatable tale of the life choices that we all must face, the tensions between desire and obligations, the repercussions of trauma, and the ways in which our families can both harm and heal us.

A Slow Fire Burning by Paula Hawkins: With the same propulsion that captivated millions of readers worldwide in The Girl on the Train and Into the Water, Paula Hawkins unfurls a bold and juicy suspense novel that asks: how long can a secret smolder before it explodes into flame? A Slow Fire Burning is a captivating story of deceit, murder, and revenge filled with the classic Paula Hawkins twists her fans have been vying for. 

Tin Camp Road by Ellen Airgood: Airgood’s latest novel is a bighearted novel follows a young a single mother and her ten-year-old daughter as they stand up to the trials of rural poverty and find the community they need in order to survive.Tin Camp Road is an uplifting and moving story about class, the definition of home, and the sacrifices of a single mother. 


Finance may not be a fun subject, but I think summer is the best time to take the initiative to learn more about the subject. You could be saving up for a late summer vacation, or getting prepared for the holiday season in a few months. Either way, these are great books to start gaining knowledge with your finances.

Get Good with Money: Ten Simple Steps to Becoming Financially Whole Hardcover by Tiffany the Budgetnista Aliche: As a New York Times, Wall Street Journal, And USA Today Bestseller, you know this book is going to be good. What I love about this book is that it’s not just a book, but more of a guide.

It includes helpful checklists, worksheets, a tool kit of resources, and advanced advice from experts. I know that I am going to learn a lot from this book.

How to Adult: Personal Finance for the Real World by Jake Cousineau: Don’t you wish high school and/or college taught us more about important financial topics? I know I do.

That is why I’m thankful for books like this. In How To Adult there are many essential financial topics discussed, like taxes, insurance, investing, and much more. 

Twenties in Your Pocket: A twenty-something’s guide to money management by Kate Nixon Anania: This book sounds like it’s not only beneficial, but fun too. The author discusses a lot of different topics relating to managing your money.

There are tips for women and couples. One of my favorite quotes from the book description is, “it will teach you how to make the most of what you have so that you can live the life you want.” I’m intrigued and cannot wait to read this book.

Blue Collar Cash: Love Your Work, Secure Your Future, and Find Happiness For Life: Ken Rusk, blue-collar construction entrepreneur, founder of Rusk Industries, Inc., and author of Blue Collar Cash: Love Your Work, Secure Your Future, And Find Happiness For Life (Dey Street Books) explains through personal stories, actionable steps, and Rusk’s own experience in building a multi-million dollar construction business that fulfillment and success are not found solely by obtaining a college degree, but can just as easily be found in trade and blue-collar work. With so many people of all ages questioning their career paths, Rusk, who has mentored hundreds of employees on money and goals is perfectly suited for the time.

Personal Development

These are books that are good to read any time of the year. If you have been following us for a while now, you know that we love personal development books. Here are a few newer releases that I’m excited to read.

Well This Is Exhausting:Essays by Sophia Benoit: This is a memoir from a GQ columnist and Twitter sensation. This is her story of how she went from an aspiring good girl to proud feminist.

Some of the topics you can find in this book are dating, anxiety, and much more relatable stories. With the variety of topics you’ll find something that encourages you and makes you feel understood. 

Thanks For Waiting by Doree Shafrir: If you struggle with feeling pressure that you are not meeting certain milestones that your peers are, you’ll want to read this book. In this book the author shares her story of her not so traditional journey of milestones.

She encourages readers to ignore those milestones that society puts on us. I struggle with milestones in my personal life, so I’ll definitely be reading this during the summer.

Beautifully Brave: An Unconventional Guide to Owning Your Worth, Cultivating Self-Love, and Standing in Your Power by Sarah Pendrick: At the time of writing this I have recently gotten this book after I have had it pre-ordered for months. The description of the book sold me, because I am currently on a self love journey.

The beauty of this book is unlike anything I have seen. I would recommend getting the physical copy if you appreciate nicely decorated books.The author, Sarah Pendrick, founder of the women’s empowerment movement and lifestyle brand GirlTalk Network, uses her expertise to discuss all things empowerment and self love. 

The Good Morning Journal By Molly Burford: Each day is a blank slate—a gift that we choose how to use. You can begin each day with clarity, purpose, and inspiration with The Good Morning Journal. This beautiful, easy-to-use guided journal is filled with quick, thoughtful prompts that help you recognize what you want to accomplish—and why—and create a simple plan to achieve your goals. You’ll also find motivating and inspiring quotes that spark a positive mindset and encourage you throughout the day.

With this journal, you’ll be able to identify your true passions—the activities, ideas, and items that mean the most to you—and thoughtfully arrange your day to prioritize these passions. Start living with more purpose, accomplish your goals, achieve your dreams, and fill your days with more joy than ever.

Midnight Meditations By Courtney E. Ackerman: There’s nothing worse than waking up in the middle of the night and being unable to fall back asleep. Now with Midnight Meditations, you can be gently guided back to sleep faster than ever.

These 150 peaceful, soothing meditations help you welcome and embrace the rest, relaxation, and restorative sleep every night has to offer. With these simple, guided meditations you can tune out distractions that hinder your rest and tap into the tranquility of the night. In Midnight Meditations, you will discover how to calm your racing thoughts, stop chasing sleep, and start receiving an undisturbed night’s rest so you can make the most of your days.

The Book of Patience by Courtney E Ackerman: Not only is patience a virtue, but it’s also a skill you can learn and apply in your daily life to be calmer and more stress-free, making it easier to face challenges and adversity. The Book of Patience features 250 quotes and exercises that will help readers deescalate feelings of irritability and become less reactive in moments of stress and duress. This book could just be the must-have of the fall as we head back into a daily commute, an office with co-workers, and a “return to normal” that promises to be anything but.

Self-Love Games & Activities by Isadora Baum: Two mental health boosters combine in one fun package! According to experts, self-love helps people feel comfortable with who they are and can be helped along by practicing positive self-talk. Puzzles and games have been shown to help people relax, stay mentally agile, and feel happier. The 125 crosswords, word searches, writing prompts, coloring pages, and more in Self-Love Games & Activities combine the two to offer puzzles and games that contain words of self-love to help the reader immerse themselves in a self-love vocabulary and mind-set. It’s puzzle therapy that empowers as it entertains!

Self-Care for Grief by Nneka M. Okona :The past year has been one of loss and trauma, and so many people are finding it difficult to focus their attention elsewhere. But research shows that tuning in to personal needs and taking time to build a thoughtful self-care practice can make a big difference in helping us move forward in a healthy manner. Self-Care for Grief features 100 self-care activities specifically designed to help us process grief, protect our mental health, and find moments of happiness in the most difficult and distressing situations.

Gut Health Hacks by Lindsay Boyers: Bloating. Heartburn. Weight gain. Frequent visits to the bathroom. Sound like fun? No, I didn’t think so! With Gut Health Hacks readers will find 200 practical tips and tricks to support good bacteria, achieve a balanced gut microbiome, and feel their best every day!


When Bad Teams Happen To Good People by Valerie Patrick, PhD: The teamwork troubleshooter we all need! Turn your team into a cohesive unit. Why do some team members not get along? What is the best way to get new teams and ad-hoc teams to maximize their performance in the least amount of time? How can meetings be designed to achieve useful outcomes? Learn the strategies to optimize your team in this book!

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Which of these books are you reading next? Let us know in the comments below!

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