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10 Habits That Will Help You Read More Books

I am an avid bookworm. I love reading and I love nothing more than a good book. In fact, I know I want to read more books!

But I will admit that I did forget about my love of reading for a few years due to everything else going on in my life. I am very happy to have rekindled the flame and to be stronger than ever in my relationship with books.

Do you feel the same way? If yes, here are 10 habits that will help you read more books.

10 Habits That Will Help You Read More Books

Make It Part Of Your Daily Routine 

Find time during the day and dedicate that time to your reading. Whether it be first thing when you wake up in the morning or last thing before you go to sleep, find a time that works for you and try to read at the same time each day. Making it a routine will help allow it to just happen as normal, rather than you needing to think about it.

Silence Your Phone 

Our phones are distracting. When you choose which time of day you want to be your reading time, silence your phone or put it in another room so it doesn’t distract you. This will allow you to become fully absorbed in the book, without focusing on anything else.

Change Before Bed Screen Time to Read Time

We all know that we should take a break from screens before going to bed. What better way to do this than with a book?

I personally love reading before bed because it gets me into a relaxed state that allows me to fall asleep much easier and stay asleep for longer. Rather than watching tv or scrolling on my phone before I go to sleep, I dedicate that time to reading.

Utilize Your Commute Time 

If you commute to work via public transportation, use that time to read. You will be at work all day; if there is nothing precedent happening, do not spend your entire commute working, instead, bring a book with you and read. This is time you are spending sedentary anyway, you may as well take advantage and do something you enjoy.

You can even download audiobooks to listen to while you drive! 

Get a Library Card 

Have you not had a library card since you were a child and your elementary school took a trip to the local library so everyone could sign up? Libraries are still around and want to be used! Find your local library, sign up for a card, and take advantage of all the books they have to offer.

Plus, now, you can even rent e-books from the library or request specific books to be shipped to your local library for you to enjoy. Don’t forget, all of these books are free!

Read Books You Like 

Do not feel pressure to read every single book out there! It is okay to just read books that you are interested in, even if its not the popular choice. This is your reading habit, not anyone else’s.

Of course, do not close your mind to other genres you may not typically go to. However, do not feel guilty if you start it, dislike it, and do not want to finish it. Simply start another book.

Take a Book With You Everywhere You Go

You never know when you will have time to read! I take a book (or my kindle) with me to all appointments, as you never know when you are going to have to wait. When I travel, I take one on the plane or train with me, as that is a great time to read, too.

You really never know when you are going to have down time, and rather than spending it on your phone, you can spend it reading.

Join Goodreads 

Next to the library app, the Goodreads app is my favorite book app (the website is also great, too!). It allows me to connect with friends, family, and even strangers to see what they are reading, and more importantly, what they thought about the book. Goodreads let you rate the book as well as write a comment about the book.

This gives great guidance to see whether or not you will like the book. Additionally, each year Goodreads allows you to participate in a “reading challenge.” You set how many books you want to read each year and Goodreads will track them for you. They will also tell you how many books behind or ahead you are in reaching your goal.

Join a Subscription Service 

Becoming a Book of the Month subscriber was the best gift that I could have been given Christmas of 2018. Each month, I get an email telling me it’s time to pick my book. I then have five different books, all different genres, that I can choose one from and boom, I get a beautiful, hardcover book sent to me at a reduced cost.

Share Books With Friends 

One thing that got me back to reading was talking with my friends about the great books they were engrossed by. Ask your friends what they are reading, see if they have any books you can borrow, and vice versa. 

Being able to talk to your friends and family about great books you both read is not only fun, but is a great way to bond. If you are able to do a book club, start one with your friends! This will keep you on track, too.

If you want more reading inspiration, here are 65 must-read books in your 20s!

Which books will you read this year? Let us know!

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