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20 Amazing Blogs For Twenty-Somethings

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Updated November 2019.

This list of twenty-something blogs recognizes the bloggers who have inspired me, motivated me, and taught me something about life and about myself. They are too good not to share! Their blogs are testaments to the stages of growth we all go through, and they are truly living. They are all twenty-somethings who are following their dreams and figuring themselves out.

I am lucky enough to know some of these amazing women and others I have admired from afar for years. Ultimately, I think they are all blogs you need in your life. So without further ado and in no particular order…

1. Emily from The Honest Consumer

Emily is self-described as “an anxious creative advocating for fair fashion, social impact, mental health awareness, and conscious living.”

She is also the founder of a line of ethically produced t-shirts and genius marketplace curator at her company Give a Damn Goods. Emily shares not only why it’s important to be socially aware shopper but also epic resource guides to making doing so easy!

Check out her Ethical Brand Directory for the ultimate list of ethical brands. She’s also joined us on the podcast to talk this very topic: The GenTwenty Podcast Episode 7: Are We Honest Consumers?. On top of that, she also created a course on How To Start Your Own Online Boutique.

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She also has an online boutique called Give a Damn Goods where she sells things like the Give a Damn T-Shirt, candles, and other ethical gifts.

2. Antoinette from

Antoinette is a twenty-something working in the corporate world sharing her journey, tips, and advice for young professionals as she hustles her way to the top. She also shares top social media tips and advice in her Facebook group, TYP Social Media Society.

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3. Tori from HerFirst100K

Tori is a Seattle-based money expert and financial powerhouse who has appeared in places like Good Morning America, Business Insider, Market Watch, CNBC, and more. She set a goal to save $100k by the time she turned 25 and she achieved it.

She started her first business at age 9 and has recently left her 9-5 to pursue entrepreneurship and her mission of giving women everywhere the financial advice they need to succeed.

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4. Erica from Coming Up Roses

Erica is an all-around badass. She’s an incredible business-woman and not only negotiates with brands for epic collaborations but teaches other influencers how to do so as well. She’s the host of the Thrive podcast and is also currently writing a book. Plus, she’s also known as “mama” to her NICU-warrior Olivia. Wearing more hats in a day than many do in a lifetime, she has grit that I will always admire.

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5. Yetti from Yetti Says

Yetti writes one of the most honest and real personal blogs I’ve ever read on growing up, life, love, and mental illness. She is an award-winning blogger, taking home the award for Best Personal Blog in the 2015 Black Weblog Awards. In her own words, “I write about the beauty and messiness of life. I write about the stuff no one ever wants to address or share. And sometimes, I simply write for my sanity.” Yetti is also the founder of the Certified10 — a movement dedicated to educating women on self-love and equipping them with the skills to manage their mental health and self-worth.

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6. Elana from Elana Lyn 

Elana is an NYC-based career and personal development blogger. On top of being featured in TIME, Women’s Health, and Fast Company, she’s also featured over 100 women who are absolutely smashing it in their careers in her Career Series. Elana Lyn also features a significant amount of guest post from various career women sharing actionable career, wellness, and lifestyle tips for millennial women. Her first book, What Next?: Your Five-Year Guide to Life after College, will be out May 2020.

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7. Megan from In a Sequoia

First of all, Megan’s blog is full of the most dreamy photography you could ever imagine. In a Sequoia is unequivocally a testament to who Megan is — it is entirely dedicated to creating a life of intention. Recently, Megan quit her job to go freelance full-time, but within a few weeks, she was uprooting her Vancouver life to move to Toronto to work in PR for a non-profit supporting young creative entrepreneurs. She is also the founder of The Mindful Pop-Up, a curated pop-up shop that debuted in downtown Vancouver last May. On top of that, she is also the founder of The Vibrant Lives Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to engaging youth to in ending the stigma around mental illness. Through this foundation she  awarded a scholarship, the Vibrant Lives Award, to a 2016 graduate who’s submission was then published in Conscious Magazine. Megan truly is an inspiration to lead a vibrant life.

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best blogs, twenty-something bloggers, inspirational blogs

8. Rachel from The Confused Millennial 

TCM is a lifestyle blog where Rachel shares her favorite things from career and life advice, to wedding tips in her Wedding Wednesday series, and more. She’s also a Forbes contributor, an Instagram queen, and offers services for bloggers who want to make an income from blogging. After her experiences as a career coach, Rachel took a fun, community-oriented approach to blogging that elevates her in a sea of bloggers.

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9. Kayla from Kayla in the City

I discovered Kayla’s blog when I was getting more serious about running. Even though she writes about fitness primarily in NYC (and I don’t live in NYC), I stick around because her career path is so fascinating, (not to mention she is extremely motivating!). After graduating with a BFA in Drama, she pursued her passion for fitness and became a certified PT and group fitness instructor. She eventually found herself in a marketing position at a fitness start-up. Last year, after the position was downsized, enrolled in grad school for a masters in Social Media and Mobile Marketing. She also became a yoga teacher and co-founded Holistic Happening, a series of pop-up, interactive wellness events that combine a yoga class and a healthy meal.

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10. Mandi from Sweaty Tears of Joy

I was first introduced to Mandi through her work as Director of Community at The Niche Movement. She is one of those people who you can’t help but feel inspired and motivated by, even online. By day, you’ll find her in Admissions helping college students excel and find the right path. She also is passionate about clean beauty and is an expert on BeautyCounter. She’s been challenging herself to a Fit For Sevens Challenge — this involves doing one type of exercise for an entire week! Her dedication is inspiring.

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11. Joana from Notes From Joana 

Joana is a twenty-something blogger with a passion for personal development, goal setting, and blogging. While I don’t know her personally, I love her minimalistic blog style and the honesty she puts into her blog posts. From sharing why she moved back home to her goal setting posts each month, I find her to always be humble, optimistic, and honest.

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12. Erin from The Tannehill Homestead

Erin is another blogger I admire from afar. She primarily covers minimalism and frequently writes about how she integrates the principles of a minimalistic lifestyle into different aspects of her life. Erin inspires me to re-think the items I purchase and to consider how I use the items in my home. She has a decluttering challenge going on right now, don’t miss it!

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14. Coley from Life Goals Mag

Coley was a contributor here at GenTwenty before she launched her own online magazine — Life Goals Mag. The site has grown into a collective hub for twenty-something women that focuses on personal development and growth. Coley’s primary goal with Life Goals Mag is to inspire other millennials to be the best versions of themselves — they’re doing a fantastic job!

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14. Darrian from Made In Mom Jeans

Darrian is a military spouse and mom to the sweetest baby boy, Jasper. Currently living in Alaska, her blog focuses on building community around motherhood and military life while she shares tips and tricks for thrifting, decorating on a budget, life as a mom-at-home, and more. She also runs a book club for military-spouses and shares her life candidly and honestly on her Instagram.

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15. Summer from Coffee With Summer

I am a new reader to Summer’s blog and was immediately drawn in by the intentionality of her writing. True to her blog’s name, every post feels like you’re having coffee with her. She shares blogging and social media advice, frequently using her blog to teach and inspire confidence in bloggers.

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16. Amanda from The Happy Arkansan

Amanda is a recent college graduate with an undergraduate degree in Sociology with a Criminology concentration and a minor in Anthropology and I got an MA in Sociology. On her blog, you’ll find bright prints and powerful energy next to blogging, college, lifestyle, and freelancing advice. Her blog is 100% for you if you relate to the Amanda-proclaimed mantra of “I don’t have it all together, but I am trying really hard.”

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17. Hannah from The Motivated Millennial

Hannah is a wise woman full of incredible career, financial, and home advice. She’s a military spouse and has also been a caregiver. She’s been on the receiving end of rejection letters and knows exactly what it feels like to be told “no.” Through the trials of her twenties, she has learned some incredible lessons that she continues to share on her blog. She currently works as a marketing consultant, and is also an MBA graduate who teaches business and computer science at two colleges.

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18. Catherine from The Blissful Mind

Catherine is mindset coach who blogs for the woman who seeks simplicity in her life. Her goal is to help you help yourself to take action on the goals and dreams you’ve always wanted to pursue. To me, her blog is like slipping into a cozy, quiet library with a cup of tea. Walking in, you just know you’re going to leave refreshed and rejuvenated. She has free resources available on her site like The Goal Planner to help you find your next steps.

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19. Virginia from The Well-Traveled Post Card

I have been reading Virginia’s blog since before she moved to Madrid from the UK for work in 2014. Her travels and her passion for both learning and life continue to inspire me. She ran the Athens marathon, spent four months volunteering in Nepal, is a certified RYA Day Skipper, interned at Giorgio Armani, is a home owner, is pursuing a Master’s degree that requires her to change locations every semester (including taking an internship abroad), and will be skiing the Inferno Race in Switzerland next month before heading off to Sweden for her next semester. She also writes for The Huffington Post, has been featured on TV, and is available for talks, training, and consulting. While she’s no longer a twenty-something, her blog is still full of awesome advice!

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20. TBD

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Phew! I hope you find inspiration and a few new blogs to follow. There are tons and tons of other bloggers I follow and absolutely love, but my goal with this list was to focus on bloggers who consistently share their lives, growth, and personal struggles.

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