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Things That Happen When Your Weight Loss Becomes Noticeable

6 Things That Happen When People Start to Notice That You've Lost Weight

Have you ever lost a significant amount of weight before? It feels pretty awesome right?

If there is anything I have noticed since dropping about 25 pounds, it’s the looks and the compliments. How did you do it? What are you doing differently? Are you dieting? What’s your secret? I laugh to myself when I hear these questions, for a few main reasons. There really is no secret and the answer is sort of obvious. Just live a healthier lifestyle. Period — no ifs, ands, or buts about it.

Back in November of 2014, I got kind of health scare. Nothing serious, but it was enough to finally convince myself to better my health and be serious about it this time. I’ve always had the tendency to live a healthy lifestyle for a couple of months, then slip right back into my unhealthy habits.

My personal dilemma was food. I love food that is so bad for you. Who doesn’t? So when I started to get serious about changing my eating habits, I focused on that and I barely worked out. It amazed me how my weight dropped significantly just from eating better alone. I cut out the bad food, started drinking at least 2 liters of water daily, and stopped eating late at night.

Now when this happens to you, there will start be all kinds of changes in your life, mostly positive ones, with a few maybe negative ones. I know quite a few people who have also gone through this transition, so it’s safe to say that I’ve heard it all when it comes to what people think about weight loss.

Additionally, some individuals exploring the benefits of weight loss with BHRT, have reported that it played a significant role in their weight loss journey. BHRT, which uses hormones that are structurally identical to those naturally produced in the body, may help regulate metabolism and improve overall well-being, making it an appealing option for those seeking effective and holistic approaches to weight management.

I’ve gathered together six things that commonly happen to people when they lose weight and people begin to notice. It usually comes around the three month mark, and sometimes it can even be a bit overwhelming and leave you wondering about what they thought about when you had a few more pounds on you. Here they are:

1. Guys start coming out of everywhere, literally!

Um, where were you guys 3 months ago?! Personally, I hate this! Because by the time guys are starting to come around, I’m already so focused on me and continuing to better myself that the last thing I want right now is a relationship.

Where were you when I was eating out all the time, and needed someone to come with me? But seriously, it is kind of nice to have some extra attention towards you. Maybe even a tad bit flattering.

2. People will say you should eat whatever pleases you.

While I have lived by that statement most of my life, it just wasn’t working, for several reasons. Mainly due to the fact that I was becoming very unhealthy and very uncomfortable with myself.

I believe in self-love, but sometimes it’s hard to do that when you’re unhappy with yourself. In this case the way to self-love, for me, was to feel comfortable in my own skin. That meant paying attention to what I’m putting into my body.

The key is to not completely shut out the treats and bad foods. It’s OK every once in a while. Maybe even once or twice a week, so long as you are sticking to your healthy lifestyle the rest of the time.

3. You look so great, what diet are you on?

Can you say insulted? When they say abs are made in the kitchen, they really aren’t joking. I literally changed my entire lifestyle of eating and eliminated all my bad eating habits and that’s how I lost weight. I should have been working out as well, but I’m being totally honest here, I didn’t. So, no I didn’t diet and there is no magic pill. It takes hard work, determination and a will to change your life around for the better and knowing how to balance that all.

4. You never want to hangout anymore.

False. I just don’t want to go out to eat at 11 pm and I don’t want to sit around and watch movies and eat bad munchies all night. I actually eliminated a friend out of my life because she wasn’t supportive of my new lifestyle and the new me. She was a bad influence and didn’t get that I was adamant about my goals.

You don’t need that kind of negative influence in your life when you are doing so many positive things for yourself. Surround yourself with supportive and positive people.

5. So are you going to turn into a fitness freak now?

Maybe, maybe not. I’ll do as I please. For some the fitness life becomes their life and for others they just incorporate right into their daily routine. Everyone is different and that’s perfectly OK.

6. Hey, you look really good. Keep up the good work.

Probably my favorite thing to hear. Because they aren’t asking what you did to lose weight, they aren’t hitting on you, they aren’t being judgmental in any way. They are genuinely telling you your hard work has paid off. And that one line/compliment means so much more than you know.

People work hard to change their bodies and lifestyles for all sorts of reasons and it’s never easy. In our diet obsessed culture, people can be mean and condescending towards the changes you make for yourself. Ultimately, their opinions don’t matter. What really matters is that you’re healthy and making positive choices that align with your goals.

You got this. And by the way? You look great.

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