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7 Ways to Celebrate Self-Improvement Month

Self-Improvement month is upon us! So, what is self-improvement anyhow? While seemingly self-explanatory, the Cambridge Dictionary defines self-improvement as “the activity of learning new things on your own to make you a more skilled or able person.” I’ve always viewed self-improvement as using one’s internal drive to grow and evolve into a better person. 

Self-Improvement Month occurs during the full month of September each year. According to National Today, the self-improvement industry is worth over $11 billion in the U.S. annually. It’s no secret that the self-improvement industry is booming. Perhaps one of the most enticing facets of the self-improvement industry is that self-help takes on a variety of forms and meanings depending on each individual. 

Whether you’re looking to make big changes in your life or will be taking small steps towards improvement, we’ve got you covered.

Here are seven ways to celebrate Self-Improvement Month this September:

1. Create a Vision Board for Your Life

To become the best version of yourself, you must have an idea of who exactly you want to be. Creating a vision board is a great way to visualize who you are, who you want to become, and the steps you may need to take to get to where you are going. Visualize your highest self and reflect your ideas as images to help you create a plan that will propel you into self-improvement territory for September, and many months afterward. 

2. Set One Personal and One Professional Goal 

One simple way to commit to self-improvement for the month is to set one personal and one professional goal. Setting measurable and timely goals is a simple way to start one’s self-improvement journey. Create a plan as to how you’re going to achieve your personal and professional goal, and stay committed by having accountability check-ins with yourself, or by having a friend or family member help keep you accountable. 

Though these goals are short-term, be sure to determine additional goals you can work towards in the future. Check out our resources for goal setting to help you achieve success in meeting your goals!

3. Invest in Self-Help Books 

If you’re an avid reader, consider picking up a self-help book to read during September. A few of my favorites are Hello, FearsYou Are a Badass, and Girl, Stop Apologizing.

Be intentional if you choose to invest in self-help books. Don’t just read the book, be sure to think critically about how you can act on what you’ve read to allow you to make changes in your life. Take notes as you read, or bookmark pages you want to come back to for future reference.

4. Learn a New Activity or Skill

Is there an activity you’ve had in mind but haven’t had a chance to try yet? Or a skill that you want to develop? Maybe you want to learn to crochet or have been dying to attend a cycling class for the first time. Rather than save these wants for someday, spend Self-Improvement Month devoting yourself to a new activity or skill that you’ve always wanted to try! And remember, progress is better than perfection, so don’t be too hard on yourself if your first try is messy. 

5. Cook a New Recipe

Cooking at home has never been one of my strong suits, but I do appreciate the feeling of enjoying a homecooked meal that I whipped up myself. If you’re anything like me and aren’t a great cook, you might rely on a few favorite, comfortable recipes when it comes to cooking. Challenge yourself this month and cook a new recipe that you’ve never made before. Consider choosing a dish from one of your favorite spots, or a country you’ve never been to, but is on your bucket list. 

6. Implement a New Habit

If you’re looking to switch up your routine as part of Self-Improvement Month, consider implementing a new habit. Set your alarm 30-minutes earlier, or schedule a daily 30-minute walk to help you achieve your movement goals. Whichever habit you choose, be sure to start small and prepare a plan in advance to help you incorporate the habit into your current routine. 

7. Find a Mentor

If there’s an area in your life you want to improve on, but could use some guidance and expertise, find a mentor to help walk you through the process. Invite a potential mentor to get coffee to let them know what you’re looking for help in and to see if they have time to mentor you. Working with and learning from others is a simple way to level up when you are unfamiliar with a particular area or would like to learn from someone with experience. 

Let us know how you’re celebrating Self-Improvement Month in the comments! 

About the Author

Alyssa Towns (Swantkoski)

Alyssa graduated from the University of Colorado Colorado Springs in 2016 with a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and a Bachelor of Arts in Criminal Justice. Early in her career, her interests shifted, and she works in communications and change management. She lives in Denver with her husband, and they love going on adventures together. She lives for summers in Colorado and enjoys hiking and stand up paddleboarding. She also enjoys collecting plants and stationery sets, reading self-help books, and is obsessed with the Yoga with Adriene YouTube channel. No matter where her career path leads her, writing, and sharing her experiences to help others will always be a part of her plans.