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Twenty-Something Dating Disaster Stories: The Drunk Date

Drunk date

Staying with first dates that are less than thrilling, I have a first date story from my friend Sarah. Sarah is one of my funny and super outgoing friends. She had been dating this guy and it didn’t work out so she was on a bit of a dating hiatus. She was not opposed to dating all together, but just did not feel like putting herself out there.

A few weeks had gone by since things with her guy ended and she finally met someone new. She was having lunch with her mom and their server was really cute and very interested in her. He kept flirting with her, but she did not think much of it. By the end of the meal they were exchanging their information. She had no idea if she would hear from him but least she started to put herself out there again.

The next day, over a glass of wine, she told me all about the guy and how awkward it was since she was with her mom. Then she told me he already asked her out but she wasn’t sure she wanted to actually go out on the date with him.

I of course, still optimistic despite my past dating record, told her to go for it. What could one meal hurt, right? I told her that if it works out, great, if not you got that first date back out there over with. Because let’s face it, dating can be a bit of a numbers game.

She eventually agreed to go out with him and they went out to lunch that week.

Unfortunately, it all went downhill from the moment she sat down. He ordered a beer right of the bat and she got iced tea. He told her she should get a drink and she said she had to drive and had things to do later. As the meal went on, he ordered six more drinks and by the end of dinner he was wasted. She knew that this guy was not for her and politely told him she had to go.

But the poor drunk was not okay with that. He proceeded to “playfully” shove his hand over her face again and again to entice her to stay and drink with him. Any guy who puts his hand on a girl’s face like that is a no-go. He even tried to ask her out on another date.

After the fifth time he put his hand on her face she just got up and walked away. Sarah left mortified by the guy’s actions knowing she would never go out with him again. The next day the guy texted her saying that she never answered him back about the second date.

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This guy should have read the situation better; if she wasn’t drinking he shouldn’t have continued to order drinks. A first date is not about getting drunk but about getting to know someone to see if there will be a second date. He should have apologized for his behavior then and moved on. But he saw nothing wrong with what he did.

Luckily for Sarah, she found out rather quickly not to waste anymore of her time or energy on that guy. Sometimes one meal is enough to make you want to go back on a dating hiatus. Bad first dates might suck but they do make for a good story later.

Ever have your date get wasted on a first date?

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