First Date

One thing I think all single twenty-somethings can agree on is that the dating world is rough. And technology has just made it all harder. Not harder to find a date, not with all the dating websites and apps these days, but it seems harder to build a lasting relationship.

Our generation has developed dating A.D.D. When we see something is not working, we can move on to the next person without making the effort to tell them why. If you stop texting someone, that usually means you are not interested in them anymore (otherwise known as ghosting). 

For every good date there are at least three bad dates. Trust me, you are not alone in thinking there are a lot of crazies-and let’s face it assholes and/or bitches-out there. Moving forward, GenTwenty and I are going to share horror stories from the dating world. They may be my personal stories or stories friends have shared with me (or even your own if you would like to contribute!).

You are not alone on this hard road of dating in the 21st century. 

I am going to start this month off with sharing a Tinder date experience. Yes, I was on Tinder and if you are single and haven’t heard of it by now you are living under a rock. I hadn’t heard about it until a good friend showed me the app. She kept talking it up and saying how much fun it was.

I figured why not, I needed to get out into the dating world again. So I joined. I was matched up with quite a few people. But as most of you know who use Tinder, just because you get matched with up someone does not mean it will go anywhere. 

Fast forward-I started talking to this guy, we will call him Brad. The conversation made it past the “where are you from” and “what do you do stage.” He was really cute and athletic. Over text messages he seemed funny and nice. We made plans to go on a date and decided to go to taco Tuesday at this Mexican restaurant by my place. 

You never know what the person you are meeting will actually look like it comes to online dating, but he was even cuter in person. We exchanged the awkward hug and grabbed a table. The conversation was flowing and I thought it was going well. Turns out I had spoken too soon because by the time our beers came he had already brought up his ex-girlfriend. He told me about his awesome trip to Stagecoach with her family. I was like okay, I will try to let that slide – he was telling me about he first time going his favorite music festival. 

Unfortunately it did not end there.

He proceeded to tell me why they broke up. I do not remember ever asking about the reason their relationship ended. He quickly realized that he should not have mentioned his ex and apologized. He changed the subject, but some how our conversations lead him to story about his other ex-girlfriend. He kept talking about how crazy she was and how she never liked any of his friends. Again, I do not remember asking about her. 

After we ate our tacos, he thought we should have another beer. Sometimes I am too nice or optimistic on dates and think they could turn around. So I stayed for another beer. This was a big mistake because for the next hour all he did was complain about his job and his roommate’s girlfriend.

When he wasn’t complaining, he found ways to bring his best girlfriend into the conversation. At that point I realized he should have been on this date with her because he clearly had feelings for her. I finally said I had to go and he insisted on walking me to my car only to tell me a 30-minute story about his crazy drunken night at the river. I just wanted to get in my car and drive away and never talk to him again. The worst part was that he thought the date went well enough to go in for the kiss. I was mortified. I high tailed it out of there after that. 

Number one rule when you are on a first date, never talk about your ex. Even if he hadn’t talked about his exes and best friend, I still would have not have wanted to see him again because of how negative he was about his job and how awfully he spoke of his roommate’s girlfriend.

First dates are suppose to be fun with light conversation topics to get to know each other. Not talking about exes and all the things you hate about your life. 

Have you ever had a bad first date? I would love to hear your story!

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