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The Advantages and Disadvantages of Living in Florida

Florida is one of the most sought-out vacation destination spots in the United States. Many flock to feel the magic of Disney theme parks, dip their toes in the white sand, swim in the blue waters, eat delicious seafood, and experience a paradise escape from wherever they’re coming from. For many, it’s also a dream place to live, but there are advantages and disadvantages of living in Florida.

When deciding whether Florida is the right place to live, there’s several factors to consider like real estate, the job market but it all boils down to the warm weather and the culture. Check out this list of pros and cons before you make any big decisions to move to the sunshine state!

advantages and disadvantages of living in florida

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Living in Florida


It’s obvious that Florida has become an ideal retirement destination but it’s not just a place for the elder community or those wanting to escape cold winter months. Families, young professionals and kids love Florida for its vastly different areas, cities and beaches.

Whether you’re drawn to northern Florida, central Florida, or southern Florida, there’s always so much to do and plenty of places to explore.

1. Diversity

Generally speaking, Florida has a diverse population as it is one of the most popular places to live, especially for snow birds, families, retirees, and senior citizens. Any Florida resident will tell you that you can expect a great culture year-round in most major cities with different people, activities and cuisines to enjoy.

2. Great Weather Year-Round

The weather is one of the most predictable in the country with the exception of hurricane season, but overall you can expect high temperatures year-round and lots of sunshine. If you enjoy being out doors and outdoor activities, you’ll love the access to golf courses, Busch Gardens, and sandy beaches.

3. Tropical Climate

The palm trees, gorgeous beaches and plenty of sunshine make you feel like you’re on a a tropical island most of the time. It’s hard to step outside and not feel instantly happy when you’re surrounded by such an uplifting atmosphere and beautiful place!

4. Proximity to Tons of the Best Beaches

The beach scene is unreal on both the east and west side of the state with so many water and outdoor activities to do. It’s fairly easy to get to the beaches since they are so plentiful! One of the best things in life is to be in close proximity to the sand and sea.

5. Gorgeous Landscaping

Almost every Florida community and long drive will be lined and decorated with some of the most clean and beautiful landscaping. Florida does an excellent job at keeping this outdoor reputation.

6. Luxury Shopping Centers

One of the most amazing things about Florida are the shopping centers and the often short drive to them. No matter where you go, the shopping centers, parking lots, layouts, architecture and decor are impeccable, even for the simplest of stores.

7. Affordable Housing Market

Unlike many popular cities and states in the US, certain parts of Florida have an affordable housing market which is ideal for families and long-term plans in the state.

8. Amusement Parks

Oh yes. One of the amazing benefits of living in Florida is getting access to epic theme parks like Disney World, Epcot, Animal Kingdom, Universal Studios and more.


1. Touristy

With so many attractions and so much going on in this state, it’s bound to become overpopulated with tourists, especially during peak tourist season.

2. Humidity

The dreaded humidity, especially in the summer, can almost be unbearable. As one of the most humid places to live, it can have a negative affect on your experience and even health when living in this state during the hottest months. You’ll definitely need to have a good air conditioner, and it may need to run year-round.

3. The Bugs and Wildlife

With such tropical conditions, the amount of bugs and wildlife you’ll come across is overwhelming between  the ants, spiders, snakes, mosquitos, lizards, alligators, owls, turtles, etc. While wildlife can be an exciting feature, they can also be dangerous when immersed with your living environment.

4. Extreme Hurricanes

While Florida’s weather is mostly the same throughout the year, hurricane season can be pretty intense with winds and rain that can tear houses apart. Most Florida homes are built with metal screen protectors to put up when the storms get bad but it can still cause damage to properties and electricity.

There’s a reason they’re called natural disasters, as they can be very severe and tropical storms can quickly turn from heavy rain to worse.

5. You Don’t Get Four Seasons

Any Fall and Winter lovers out there? If you’re into experiencing full seasons, then Florida will be a disappointment. No leaves changing or snow falling here!

6. Dangerous Roads and Drivers

Florida highways are some of the most dangerous in the country because of how many lanes of traffic there are combined with generally poor drivers on the road. Florida drivers tend to be aggressive and uneasy to be around when driving on highways and populated side-streets, so it’s best be very careful on these roads.

7. Public Transportation is Limited

While there are some trains that are available for travel up and down the coast, generally the public transportation system isn’t reliable or plentiful in most cities. Shuttles and Ubers are the best way to get around.

As with any state, there’s advantages and disadvantages of living in Florida to consider.  Florida is a great place, but you still have to think about the advantages and disadvantages of living in Florida before you make it your new home. If you love warm weather, it’s safe to say you’ll at least enjoy that aspect. 

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