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How to Save Money on Transportation

How to Save on Transportation

The commute, the slog, whatever you call it – there aren’t many people around who don’t have to move themselves from one place to another at some point in time. The key to doing it successfully is to ensure that when you’re transporting yourself around that you’re doing it wisely and in a timely manner, and saving yourself some money in the same breath.

For people who are saving for things like houses and wanting to get some real momentum going, term deposits are a good investment for all of your hard-saved cash, so be sure that in addition to saving well that you’re putting your money into a spot that’s really worth it.

Let’s take a look at some ways to save money on transportation:

Despite of the fact that you would be able to easily save more cash if you didn’t drive whatsoever, heading to work when you live nowhere near a public transport outlet, or the trip into the countryside for a wedding or to an occasion is sometimes totally unavoidable – so on the off chance that you do use your car a lot, or even some of the time, there are a couple of ways that you can save when you drive:

1. Carpool. Carpooling to work or to a gathering with mates or colleagues is an incredibly easy way to save some cash, because not only are you only taking one or two cars when you might have taken ten, you get to enjoy the comfort of your mates while you motor along. You can even play car games like eye spy. Plus you might get the benefit of a designated driver if you want one!

2. Save some cash on gas. Look at the service stations in your general vicinity and see which one has the least expensive petrol. You might just spare two cents a litre (or a few cents a gallon), but little by little, that amount will add up!

3. In the event that it’s a nice day out, don’t splash your cash around by running your air conditioning full blast. Crank down a window and have a nice time driving around with the windows down!

4. Wash your car yourself. This one is fun, because instead of getting some strangers to wash your car at some extravagant auto wash, get a couple of mates together at the local car wash or in your front yard and wash together! Water fights are totally optional but should be considered. 

Use public transport at whatever place and time you can. Take a stab at taking the train, tram, or bus. If you don’t usually take public transport, it can be a great way to relax on the way to work and to get some work done. You don’t have to put up with traffic, and a lot of the time you’ll get there much quicker than if you’d taken your own car. The cost of doing so will translate back into your life quickly. This will spare heaps of dollars as well and can even be kinda fun!

1. Get to know your nearby transport routes. The public transport in your local area can take you to a surprisingly large number of places.

2. Get a month to month pass, in the event that you take the train or bus regularly. This kind of bulk-buying will save you a whole heap of money in the short and long term as well. 

3. Avoid taxis as much as you can. If you know you’re going to be out at night and having a couple of drinks, arrange a friend or someone you know to be your designated driver before hand. This will ensure that you’re not tempted to go and jump in a cab when you want to head home. It will also be a good option for a non-drinking friend to possibly make a bit of cash if you pay them some money – but less than a taxi of course!

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