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Start saying no and treat yourself


We all have times in our lives where we feel like we are running a mile a minute to keep up with this crazy thing called life. There are deadlines to hit, classes to make, kids to pick up, errands to run and much, much more. It feels like the world is punishing us somehow and it’s tough to see why at times. Even hearing the phrase “take some time off” can spark a mental breakdown. It feels like the people around you just don’t understand.

The good news is there is a way to fix that. It seems like there are never enough hours in the day, but it could also be exaggerated because of our current mental and emotional state. One thing that can set life back in order is taking some ‘me’ time.  Now, before you say you don’t have time to do that, keep reading.  It’s all about scheduling the time in your busy schedule to take a step back from life, friends, family and focus on your inner self.   You take your emotions, your thoughts, your dreams, all to yourself for a few hours or even a full day.

One way to do that is to start saying no for a little more.  This includes laundry, phone calls, and demanding girlfriends, anything that will take time away from you focusing on you.  Give yourself permission to check out of all exterior things.  Getting these unessential responsibilities off your plate will not only create some extra time and space, but will also lighten the heavy burden on your shoulders.  Even if it means adding ‘me’ time to your schedule, then do it, there is nothing wrong with that.

Once you have some time set aside for yourself, here are a few things you can do with that time to get your healthy self emotionally, mentally, and physically back up and running.

  • Grab your favorite book, a cup of tea and find a comfy corner to sit in.  There is nothing better than losing yourself in a book and sipping warm tea to calm the nerves.

  • Go for a long run or hit the gym.  Sometimes you just need to put on some music and get your sweat on.  This is a great way to de-stress as well clear your mind.

  • Take a hot bath with candles.  This is the perfect time to close your eyes and just think about nothing.  Listen to your breathing and allow yourself to relax. You’d be surprised how nice even this 15-minute break can be.

  • Start a craft project that you’ve always wanted to do. We all know there is some Pinterest project out there that you’re just aching to try out.  Well put the phone away, collect your craft supplies and get started. You’ll be impressed with how much you can accomplish when you disconnect for a little while and just focus on something you love.

Even though all these things might seem like more tasks on your plate, it will all be worth it.  By taking me-time it allows you to be a better version of yourself and it will help you in your daily life.  At the end of the day, if you don’t take care of yourself, it’s hard to take care of others.

About the Author

Keenyn Bijou

Keenyn graduated from NAIT Business School where she majored in Marketing and Advertising. She enjoys sports, photography, and writing. She hopes to make a positive impact in a company through her expertise and ethics.