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Relationship building: Mother-daughter bonding


Relationships between a mother and child can be fraught with difficulties, but when it comes to a mother-daughter bond, complications can be taken to the next level.  Maybe you two are already super close or perhaps you could benefit from a stronger relationship.  Either way, these suggestions will get the two of you together and—hopefully—allow you to have fun at the same time!

Comedy Show
Everyone needs a good laugh now and then, so why not laugh together?  Attending a show of some sort will also help take the pressure off of keeping a conversation flowing.  If you’d really like to have the opportunity to chit chat with your mom, suggest you grab something to eat or stop by a bar for drinks after the show. That way if you still find yourself unsure of what to say, the two of you can make references to the show you just saw.

Wine Tasting
What lady doesn’t like wine? Drinking with your mom might not sound too appealing, but a wine tasting is classy and shouldn’t result in anyone getting sloshed. All it takes is a simple Internet search to find a winery near you.  Grab your mom, get in the car, and away you go!  Or you can make it a family affair and bring a sister, cousin, or fun aunt along for the ride. Better yet, search Groupon for possible discounts to prove to your mom that you know how to enjoy yourself without breaking the bank.

At-Home Beauty Spa
You could visit an actual spa together and leave all the work to the professionals. If you’d both like to save some cash though, consider having an at-home spa day. Take to Pinterest or do a simple Google search to find easy-to-make facials masks and exfoliates. Pour some cheap champagne, queue up some soft instrumentals on Pandora, and give yourself or each other manicures and pedicures. This is the perfect opportunity to relax together and listen to music or to start talking about family and what’s new in your lives.

Starting a new workout regime together could be the best possible way to form a better bond. Articles and research can be found all over the web highlighting the advantages of having a workout partner. Think about it: you’ll have someone to motivate you, remind you of your goals and celebrate your achievements with.  Look into local Zumba classes, opt in for attending a few yoga sessions, or sign up for a half marathon and start planning you training schedule.  If you don’t end up feeling closer to your mom, you’ll have gained a healthier lifestyle practice at the very least.

The two of you don’t have to be best friends and share every juicy detail of your lives together, but it is important that you form some sort of connection with your mom.  For better or worse, she’s going to play a major role in your life and its best that the two of you can at least interact with one another in a civilized manner. If you put forth some effort though and respect each other’s viewpoints, you may find that you have a lot more in common than you think. Perhaps the two of you can even become more than just mother and daughter … and become friends as well.

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Lindsey J. Gooden

Lindsey is a spooky girl and semi-goth living in Minneapolis with her handsome Taurus and baby cat, appropriately named after a demon. She is a chronic day-dreamer, imagining life as a best-selling novelist or a mortician. When she isn't reading or scribbling in her diary, she's chilling with her girlfriends, embarking on adventures, and doing her best to be the girl with the most cake. She's very shy and a lot like you, only obsessed with Trent Reznor.