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Style Icon: My Mama

When she walks into a room everyone looks at her. Though she is beautiful, what accents her the most is the way you she is expressing herself through her style.

Her personal style is unique in the sense that it’s young, ever evolving, elegant, and all her own. She’s not afraid to express herself through fashion. This month’s Style Icon is the person who continues to inspire me every single day; this woman is my mother.

I’ve learned a lot about fashion from my mom, including spicing up your look, makeover your closet, and most of all simply being true to yourself. So I think it’s time to pass on my mama’s fashion secrets to the next generation of fashionistas.


Makeover your closet. There comes a point in every girl’s life when she opens up her closet and thinks “I seriously have nothing to wear.” Before you demolish your entire closet from frustration, take a step back and realize that in life sometimes you have to stop focusing on what you don’t have and begin focusing on what you do have. Spend some time going through your closet and keep the clothes you love, give away the ones you don’t, and evaluate the ones you aren’t sure about once more. Then focus on all the ways that you could mix up your look by working with what’s in your closet.

Building Up Your Closet. When we came to the States from Ukraine we weren’t able to afford nice luxuries, including clothes. However, this never stopped by mom from saving some money and spending it on a few pieces of nice clothing rather than blowing it on one shopping trip full of clothes that will be damaged within a month. For example, she has a Badgley Mischka dress she bought from Saks Fifth Avenue Off 5th over 12 years ago, which she still wears today. Timeless pieces can make all the difference.

Be True to Yourself. I love form fitting dresses but can’t wear them due to the way they shape my hips. So instead I opt to buy dresses that flare out at the waist. Learn what works for you by experimenting and don’t try so hard to always keep up with the trends.

When you are thinking about your own style, remember my mother’s advice:

“Life is about discovering yourself. Forget about this year’s trends, focus on making your own trends. There is no better time to do so than in your twenties. If you follow this motto, you’ll be forever young!”

About the Author

Natalie Barg

Natalie holds a Bachelor’s degree in Communications from American University. She enjoys shopping, movies night, and anything involving grilled cheese and fries. She's currently producing a film about Baltimore's Batman. Her motto is, “Work hard, stay humble … nothing better.”