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Note To Self: You Have The Power of Decision

The Power of Decision

Our society is largely choice driven, and yet it’s scattered with a vast amount of decision phobia. Many of us find decisions to be difficult, feeling hesitant to commit to large or small choices. We may feel overwhelmed by the infinite selections surrounding us, and it can leave us paralyzed.

Decision holds immense power.

Choosing something wholeheartedly, unwaveringly, and indefinitely can not only help to create what you’ve decided on, but it can also be highly empowering.

Deciding to finally embark on that endeavor you’ve been longing to, deciding to no longer engage in actions that harm you, or deciding to replace a limiting belief with one that makes your life feel boundless, all hold incredible power. Determination can take you to places you’d only imagined, and it is through determined effort in your decisions that you can create positive change in your life.

The majority of humans desire control over their environments, and we want to arrange the various aspects of our lives as we choose. The desire to control is hardwired into our biology, as we attempt to regulate all outcomes in order to create safety over danger as a function of our survival mechanisms.

Gaining control over our inner worlds and emotions is often praised, but even through choice we cannot control every outcome. What we can do through decision is create what we desire in ourselves, and choose what we truly want. Humans have been given a distinct and unique ability to evaluate future possibilities and choose accordingly, a capacity that not all creatures were given.

Be specific about your decisions.

Clarity about what you want to create will grant you greater success than using broad language that will leave you wandering lost at how to attain your goal.

For example, cutting out harmful behaviors is great, but you must specify which actions you really want to eliminate for your greater good. Perhaps it’s the decision to quit smoking, stop drinking for a month, or cut a toxic person from your life. Once you know exactly what you want, you can decide to make it happen. Your firm decisiveness will create success if you choose it fully without wavering.

Determining the outcome of an event is unrealistic; we cannot predict the future. However, you can decide what you want to work toward and the actions you want to take to better yourself and your life.

Deciding on the feeling you want to create, the change you want to make in yourself, or the way you want to live your life are the types of choices you can manifest.

The firm decisiveness will help you to create what you desire. It does not mean the outcome will be exactly as you’d visualized it, but it means you can actualize the underlying desire of it. For instance, you can decide you want a job that makes you feel creative and inspired, and with decisive determination, you will create it.

However, you cannot know exactly what it will look like or the precise path that will take you there. You can decide what you want at the core of your being, and with wholehearted determination, it will come in some form.

Decision is the road to diminishing self sabotage.

Once aware of your pattern of sabotage, deciding fiercely upon eliminating a detrimental practice or self destructive behavior can be very helpful in moving on and away from it. Once chosen, you can decide that you are no longer someone who partakes in the unwanted action, and if you firmly believe it, you can follow through and change your patterns. Be gentle with yourself; it’s easier said than done of course, but the first step is awareness and then the decision for change follows.

The beliefs you repeat to yourself, such as defining yourself as a master of self sabotage, someone who is very hard on yourself, or any other self destructive belief, create self fulfilling prophecies. Decide to no longer let this affirmation play on repeat in your head and cease speaking the words into the outside world. Replace it instead with the decision that you are a person who does let good things come in, someone who allows yourself to have what you want, and is kind to yourself.

Overwrite the limiting belief with a more boundless truth, therefore allowing it to become your reality. What you decide to firmly believe becomes your truth. Choosing your beliefs is highly empowering because it’s how you create your whole world. You decide it and then it becomes reality, and in that lies immense power.

The power of choice helps us thrive; we were created to exercise our decisive abilities.

Setting your heart firmly on something and achieving it due to your determined actions produces a feeling of freedom and boundlessness. Trust your decisions. You probably know exactly what you want, and the hesitation may be in deciding that you are allowed to have it, go after it, or that it’s okay to receive it. Decide you deserve it. Decide you deserve to feel lighter and happier, and to allow yourself the things you want. Decide you are worthy of only kindhearted humans surrounding you. Decide you matter. Decide it and it will be so.

About the Author

Isabela Minogue

Isabela attended Lewis and Clark College, the Institute for the Psychology of Eating, and Matthew Kenney Culinary Academy. Her interests include ceramics, baking, being outside, poetry, and dancing. Her long term career goal is to do positive and loving work in the world to help people, and to inspire, lift, and spread as much light as possible to other humans.