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Making Time for Your Passions Outside of Your 9-5 (and a FREE ebook!)

Making time for your passions outside of your 9-5 is NECESSARY for your happiness. Read through for 3 tips (plus a mini-book with 18+ tips on embracing your 5-9).

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Whether it be writing for GenTwenty, practicing an instrument or creating art, these hobbies and passions should remain within your daily life. Working a 9-5 can be exhausting day after day. Fitting in time during the week for your hobbies and passions can help ease your mind after a long day at work.

Breaking up your week by spending some time with your hobbies and passions can make a bad day turn good, and make a good day even better.

Sometimes you need to stop and remember what makes you happy.

Remind yourself who you are and what you want to do outside of your 9-5: your hobbies and passions.

So, how do you make time for your hobbies and passions outside of your 9-5? We’ve got three tips for you (plus loads more actionable tips and tricks in our free mini-ebook available in our Resource Library!):

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1. Create a Plan: Pencil yourself into your schedule. 


In order to make time for your hobbies and passions, it’s essential to create a project plan. Your project plan doesn’t have to be based on one big project, but it should be something you enjoy doing.


Scheduling yourself a specific day or two out of the week to work on your hobbies or passions will allow you to be creative and focused. Think of it as “penciling yourself” into your own daily planner or reminder on your smartphone.


Keeping a daily planner or app organizer will help you stay on top of your extra circulars, big or small. Your organizer should tell you in advance whether or not you have an activity or task to take on once 5 o’clock rolls around.


If you’re feeling daring, you can schedule it before work (see tip #3). No matter what time of day or night you plan to work on your passions and hobbies, be sure to plan ahead to allow that time.


Being organized for future activities and hobbies will make them more fun and enjoyable and less painful or stressful! Your hobbies should enrich your life, not stress you out.


2. Park It: Designate a specific space for your hobby.


Not only is creating a plan crucial to making time for your hobbies and passions, but having a place within your home to concentrate on them will also keep you organized.


Designating a place in your home or apartment where you can mess up and store supplies or need a thinking spot to sit down, concentrate, and write is essential. This designated spot will allow you to have your items all in one place without having to worry about cleaning them up all the time or spending time getting everything out when you want to use it.


Having a space will allow you to get away from it all and focus on your passions and hobbies. The designated space will depend on the the space you have available. Setting up a small area in your basement, spare room or at a desk will suffice, especially if you’re crunched for space!


3. Rise and Shine: Do it first thing.


Making time for your hobbies and passions out of your 9-5 doesn’t necessarily have to be an after work hours-only type of thing. Your hobbies and passions can be worked on before work hours if you’re up for the added challenge.


Waking up and getting your thoughts down on paper or getting your workout done for the day in the morning will set you up mentally to take on the rest of the day. Revving up your brain in the morning with a good writing session, blood-pumping workout or crafting can wake you up for your work day. Sometimes that Venti-sized coffee just won’t do!


Try waking up early and diving into what you love to do to start your day off right. This could come as a challenge to some people, but if you’re a morning person, this should be a piece of cake!


What are hobbies and passions without practicing or implementing them into our daily lives? Sure, you might be tired after your 9-5, but that’s why making time for them through organization and designated spots in your home is crucial. Like Gabrielle Bernstein, New York Times Best-Selling Author, said, “Allow your passion to become your purpose, and it will one day become your profession.”


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P.S. Don’t forget to grab the ebook! We cover how to discover your passions, how to find the time for them, and methods to beating your excuses! It’s free! Right here:

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