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Getting organized in a small space


I’ve lived in enough dorm rooms and small apartments to know just how disorganized and cramped a tiny space can make you feel. Fortunately, you probably have more space than you realize. It might be hidden away or right out in the open, but the key to organized living is making your space work for you.

In your closet
Closets can be tricky, but that small space can be more useful that you realize. Start by cleaning out your closet and donate some of your gently used items to charity.

Acquire a small bookshelf to put in the bottom of your closet (make sure to measure before buying!). On a bookshelf, you can fit shoes and baskets to keep your clothes or other personal items organized and out of sight. A shelving unit is a better use of space than a simple shoe rack because it makes use of the space right underneath your clothes.

Don’t discount the space at the top of your closet. Make sure to measure and purchase pretty containers that will fit as close to perfect as possible. Here you can store items that you rarely use.

Consider a different use for a hanging shoe rack. Items like cardigans and sweaters fit well in these shoebox-sized holes.

Under the bed
Pick up a pair of bed risers to give you more space underneath your bed. Invest in under the bed storage to keep your little used things and out of season clothes out of sight. Underneath your bed is also a great place to store shoes that won’t fit in your closet. I store my winter blankets and extra bedding under my bed for easy access.

In your drawers
Drawer organization isn’t just for the kitchen. Use your drawers to organize jewelry, cosmetics, unmentionables and anything else you can think of. Drawers can even be used to hide office supplies, old mementos or books. Also, take the time to actually fold your clothes rather than stuffing them into your drawers. Trust me, you can fit more in a drawer when you fold your clothes.

Around the room
Storage space can also be functional space. You can use a storage ottoman as both seating and a place to keep extra shoes.

Use wall mountable spice racks as a way to display books, photos, knickknacks, or shot glasses. These from Ikea will run you four bucks each and are ready to spray paint to match your room decor. For me, these are a fabulous way to display my extensive Starbucks city mug collection.

Let us know in the comments below what fun, useful storage options you’ve come up with!

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