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Why You Should Do a Social Media Cleanse

If you are over the age of 30, chances are you remember a time before social media and before the internet. Doing a social media cleanse may be one of the best things you could ever do for both your mental and physical health.

I believe social media was a term coined after things like Twitter and Instagram and Pinterest all came out. It’s crazy to think that our generation has experienced the birth of everything related to social media. From these sites being created to the new terms now searchable in just about any dictionary.

Nevertheless, here we are in 2021, most of us actively on social media. Some of us trying to gain fame on our social media accounts. And the rest of us, kind of in-between those two.

It still amazes me when I hear from someone who says they have zero social media accounts. Because as tempting as it can be, you have to admit that if a person is able to stay completely off of social media, that takes a whole lot of self-disciple and 100% no f***s given.

I mean, if I am being honest, I’m so envious of those without any social media. I have so many questions…What is your life like? What do you do when you’re bored? That’s what got me thinking…It’s time for me to do a social media cleanse!

Why You Should Do a Social Media Cleanse And How To Get Started

If you’re like me, you will remember a time where you found out about news on your nightly news station on your television. Or at least you remember seeing your parents watch the nightly news and even the morning news for things like traffic and weather.

Gossip and news in general traveled much more slowly before social media. I remember reading a lot more magazines before social media and that’s pretty much how you read up on the latest news or the latest celebrity gossip.

I still remember when I created a Facebook account—I was in college in a computer tech class and my friend and I both made accounts at 7 in the morning. Why do I remember this? Because we created it and then we thought “now what?”

Rewind to 5 years before that—I also remember making a Myspace account in my teenage years. Oh such good times of such silly social media sites. Back then it wasn’t even called social media.

Benefits for your mental health

Doing a social media cleanse may be one of the BEST things you could ever do for your mental health. Let’s face it, social media can really be detrimental on our minds and our feelings.

If you suffer from depression and/or anxiety, I can guarantee you social media makes it worse for you. Staying away from the screen is best! It’s easier said than done, however, your mental health will thank you for it.

Staying off of social media has been proven to improve one’s mood and also their overall well being. If that isn’t enough, then there is also this fact: Social media has increasing effects on suicide. That alone should make up your mind about doing this social media cleanse.

Benefits for your physical health

Being on social media means spending countless time on your phone. Not only does this strain your eyes but studies show that this can also lead to so many physical health issues. Not just on the outside but on the inside as well.

These same studies show that it can lead to increased weight gain, but also, it can lead to lower self-image. People are constantly comparing themselves. This is just not healthy at all.

How to do a social media cleanse:

  • Pick a set amount of days as your goal. For instance, maybe do a 30-day or even a 90-day social media cleanse
  • Put all of you accounts on a temporary disable mode. This way you will not receive ANY notifications and will not be tempted to check it!
  • Make sure you disable all of your accounts. By this I mean don’t forget about that pinterest account you have or your linked-in account. We often forget about our less-used social media accounts.
  • If you think you may be tempted then delete your accounts all-together.
  • Then, sit back and enjoy the time off from social media and it’s chaotic every day obsession.
  • What’s best is to try and find a hobby to do or even just catch up on some good books, or go out more. So anything that makes your mental and physical health happier and healthier.

Social media continues to be the most sought out and talked about thing of our time. It is where people have gained their fame, and it is where people have experienced some of their more embarrassing moments.

Social media engulfs our lives from day to day and it’s becoming a silent killer in so many ways that there have been so many shows and documentaries made on why it’s so detrimental to our mind and body. It’s the epitome of obsession.

The ying to your yang. It’s the thing most of us can’t live without. It’s social media.

Doing a social media cleanse can and will be one of the best things you can do for yourself and even for others around you. Who knows, maybe you will even start a movement.

Do you think you could do a social media cleanse? If you have done one, what was your experience with it?

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Jovi studied Journalism at Southwestern College. She currently works full time and is a mom to a beautiful daughter, named Olivia. When she isn't working or spending time with family and friends, she enjoys being a crazy plant lady, watching HGTV and spending quality time with her daughter. You can often find her cozied up in a local coffee shop writing for her personal blog. She hopes to one day work full time as a writer and to inspire others to live a happy and successful life.