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10 Monthly Habits to Be More Organized

Why is it so important to be organized in life? Because it’s one piece of fabric to success. 

Organization allows us to align our thoughts, goals and priorities and put them into action. Staying organized doesn’t happen easily or overnight. It involves a series of habits that get us there.

Here’s a few monthly habits for how to be more organized: 

Plan Ahead 

This might sound obvious, but procrastination is real. It’s very easy to get caught up with other tasks and push off planning ahead. Procrastination makes us feel like we always have more time. Before you know it, the time has come and there’s no plan!

Whatever your monthly goals are, make sure to plan for them a month BEFORE. Being able to step back and look at things before they actually happen, helps you set realistic expectations. 

Clean Your Physical Space

Nothing screams true organization like having a clean space whether at home or at the office. Our atmosphere has a lot to do with our productivity and how we feel about ourselves. I always find that with an organized physical place that is sparkly clean with non-toxic candles lit and no dust bunnies present, always makes me feel 10x more organized. 

If you don’t have time to always be cleaning, cleaning, cleaning, then dedicate one day a month where you do a full clean-out. Disorganization can happen rather quickly so having that strict cleaning day can make all the difference and help you feel refreshed and rejuvenated after.

Assign All Important Belongings a Spot

Aside from the physical space in which you live, making sure to organize all your things so that it makes sense and can be easily accessible, is just as important. Assigning papers, important documents, office supplies, self-care products, first-aid kit, etc, can all be organized in a way so that you will never forget where they are. 

How many times have you lost something and spent several minutes to days looking for something that you could have sworn was “right here!”? Once a month, make sure to put back all of your items that have been misplaced or set down somewhere else. Getting into the habit of putting things back in the place will help assure you’ll never lose them.

Clear Out Old/Unused Documents and Materials

So maybe you have all your documents in one spot, but how many of those do you still actually need? I know I’m guilty of letting old bank statements and loan approvals pile up.

Making sure to throw the unwanted documents away but keeping the important ones in a filing system. You can keep physical copies in a folder or cabinet or if you want to be even more organized and innovative, scan them and keep them in the cloud. 


In addition to receiving and filing important documents, make sure to write down all of your important information and ideas that might come up during the month. I usually have several places I write my ideas and to-dos whether I’m at my desk, cooking, in the car, out and about, etc. I always make sure to at least write it down.

Once a month, make sure all of your to-dos and ideas have been compiled and consolidated into one place. Sometimes you write things down but don’t always need them later, so evaluating what you’ve written and prioritizing accordingly will help keep perspective on an organized basis.

Keep a Spreadsheet Up to Date

This is where a spreadsheet will come in handy. Having an organized master spreadsheet with categories, tabs and color-coordinated tasks, to-dos and ideas will keep you on track.

There’s so many different platforms to use whether you like Word Doc, Google Docs, Apple Numbers, etc. If you don’t have a master spreadsheet setup already, just start. You’ll soon realize that this master spreadsheet is your lifeline as you’ll be able to rely on dumping all the information in your head here. 

Have a Master Calendar to Refer To

Having a spreadsheet with all your thoughts and to-dos is amazing but so is having your dates and obligations on a calendar. Instead of just referring to my iPhone calendar, I have a calendar spreadsheet where I am constantly updating where I’m going, what I have to do do, when I have to submit things, etc. This has been so helpful for keeping me on track month to month and more importantly, organized!

Keep a Notebook Handy

This may seem small and silly but I don’t know what I would do without my little notebook that I keep next to me at all times. Whenever I remember something I have to do or have an idea, I write it down right away so that I can file it away later in my spreadsheet. 

It may sound like having all these notes and spreadsheets are counterproductive, but it’s about making sure you don’t forget things and can actually put it into action. No matter where you are, you have several places to just document it and can evaluate later.

Evaluate Your Goals

Once a moth, go back to your “why.” Whatever you’re working toward in your life to stay organized, make sure that what you’re actually doing is serving that. We’re humans and are constantly changing. What worked last month for you may not work this month. 

It’s okay to change priorities, it’s okay to pivot. Always be honest with yourself and make changes to your process as necessary.

Be Okay With Saying No

Mental health is related to so many parts in our lives including organization. Being organized comes with your own agenda and priorities, not some else’s. Whether in your professional or personal life, it’s important to say no to things that won’t serve you and your purpose.

The minute you start taking full control of your commitments, the more organized you’ll be. 

How will you be more organized going forward?

About the Author

Jessica Litras

Jess Litras is an entrepreneur and Travel and Lifestyle Blogger who focuses on building a business online and encouraging women to travel while looking and feeling their best. After working at a start-up company and a corporate company over the last 5 years, Jess has taken a leap of faith to build the life and career of her dreams. She specializes in event planning, blogging, social media, building communities and creating travel guides. When she's not traveling, you can find her cuddled up on the couch with a good book or true crime show.