If you're anything like me, you aren't a morning person -- at all.

If you’re anything like me, you aren’t a morning person — at all. Dreams of early morning workouts and watching the sunrise seem as distant to you as retirement does (that is to say, something you can’t even imagine).

I’m here to tell you that turning into a morning person is completely possible even if you consider yourself to be the lone night owl who thrives in the darkness. I did it, and you can too.

Here are 8 tips you can implement to turn your circadian rhythm around and start becoming a morning person:

1. Eat a healthy breakfast: If you wake up late and have time for nothing else, the most important is to fuel yourself.  Some thrive on a huge breakfast after a tough workout, while others prefer a light meal to start the day. Whichever makes you function at your highest level, make the time to have it before you start your day.

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2. Quench your thirst: Coffee might be the elixir of life, but your morning cup o’ joe can cause jitters and leaves your breath about as fresh as a monkey’s bottom. Good old aqua pura, on the other hand, has been shown to detoxify your body and rev up your metabolism.

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3. Suppress your smartphone urge: I’ll admit, I used to reach for my phone even before my glasses. Email and Facebook became major distractions, leaving me with limited time for myself. But the morning is your time to prepare for the day ahead.  Put yourself first — emails and Facebook notifications will still be there in an hour.

4. Get up and move: After a long day of work, the stair climber has nothing on my big, cushy couch. Instead of fighting with yourself in the evening, try to get your workout done bright and early. You’ll feel accomplished even before you leave for work or class and you might even feel more energized.

5. Boogie down: I don’t get pumped for the day until I dance around to some of my favorite music. While you’re getting dressed or brushing your teeth, let loose and act a little silly before you put your professional face on.

6. Put yourself together: I like to straighten my hair, put on a a nice outfit, and apply light makeup, but this never happens if I don’t dedicate a good twenty minutes to get it done. Whatever it is that makes you feel your best when you walk out the door, allocate enough time to do it. You’ll always be happy you did.

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7. Get the scoop: Whether in its physical form, on TV, or on an app, take at least ten minutes to learn what’s going on locally, nationally, and globally. Being an informed citizen is never a bad thing. If nothing else, you’ll have plenty to chat about at the water cooler.

8. Set an agenda: When you’re finished with work or classes, it’s tempting to go home and ignore the rest of your responsibilities. If you make a list, you’ll remember what you planned to do and there’s a chance you may actually do it.  We suggest putting your least favorite task on the top of the list and tackle it first.  The rest of your list will seem easy by comparison.  When you finished your list, your Netflix marathon sessions will be guilt-free!

You definitely don’t have to implement all of these to thrive! Start small and work your way up to truly embracing the early morning. Changing one small habit can ignite a domino effect, leaving you with better sleep, more energy, time to actually eat breakfast, and can improve your mood throughout the day. It’s worth a shot!

Morning people, what’s on your post-alarm to-do list? Tell us in the comments below!