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Conversations With a Blogger: Alivia of Liv Light

Conversations With a Blogger - Alivia of Liv Light

Today I am thrilled to introduce you to Alivia of Liv Light. She has been a long-time reader and supporter of GenTwenty. She frequently writes about mental health, her puppy, and the growing pains of life. She recently shared 10 Things to Do in Your 20s and it’s a good one! So without further ado, here is Alivia:

G20: Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

Alivia: I am a fourth year Psychology student at Northeastern University in Boston. I am originally from New Jersey, but spent 15 years of my life living in London, which I can’t complain about. I am a blogger, puppy momma, and mental health advocate.

G20: How did you get started blogging? What is the story behind Liv Light?

Alivia: I started blogging last year when I had to take a short leave of absence from school. I was struggling with a lot of personal issues all at once, including the end of a 4 year (unhealthy) relationship as well as my diagnosis with generalized anxiety disorder. After a panic attack landed me in the hospital, I realized I needed to take some time to focus on myself and get better.

After weeks of intensive therapy and anxiety medication, I began to feel better and better. I wrote my first post on Liv Light as an explanation as to why I randomly disappeared from school and to speak openly about my struggles that I previously tried so hard to hide. The response to my first post was huge, and from that point on I have been blogging about the ups and downs of my life and I really enjoy it. Liv Light has helped me find my voice and be proud of it.

G20: In your experience, what has been the biggest challenge of blogging?

Alivia: A lot of friends and family members read my blog, so sometimes it’s a bit intimidating to be so vulnerable and open and put myself out there for everyone to see. I always have to remind myself that everyone will have different opinions and that not everyone will like what they read. Liv Light is my small personal space on the web and as long as I’m  happy with what I publish, that is all that really matters, right?

G20: What has been the greatest benefit of writing and maintaining a blog?

Alivia: Like I mentioned above, blogging has really helped me find my voice. Through sharing my life and putting myself out there, I have become much more open and confident. I also absolutely love writing so it’s turned into an awesome hobby and outlet to have!

G20: Can you share with us some of your favorite posts you’ve ever written?

Alivia:  One of my favorite posts is one that was inspired by my 1 year old King Charles Cavalier puppy who has truly enriched my life in so many ways. It’s called “8 Ways Having A Dog Has Taught Me To Be A Better Person” Another one of my favorites is one I shared about my struggles with body image and how I am slowly learning to accept my body.

G20: Other than blogging/writing, what are some of your passions?

Alivia: As someone who has had experience with mental health issues, I am very passionate about mental health, psychology and helping those who are struggling. I hate the negative stigma that surrounds mental illness and I want it to change. I am currently interning at The National Alliance on Mental Illness and loving it. Another one of my passions is taking care of my puppy. He has brought so much joy to my life and getting him in college ended up being the best risk I ever took. I also love doing things that make me feel good, such as working out, yoga and spending time with friends and family.

G20: If you could only eat one food for the rest of your life, what would be it?

Alivia: Ha! Well, I am a foodie so that is a very hard question. While I love to eat healthy, I also love my guilty pleasures, such as pizza. If I really had to choose one food I guess I would go with sushi because it’s semi-healthy? Right? 🙂

G20: If you could only watch one TV show for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Alivia:  Friends. I grew up watching it with my family, so it always reminds me of happy times. It also never gets old. I’ve rewatched all the seasons over and over, and I still laugh just as hard every time. It’s just a great, feel-good show that you can turn on your TV whenever.

G20: If you could travel anywhere in the world right this second, where would you go?

Alivia: Australia. I’ve never been, but constantly hear friends that have been rave about it. It looks beautiful and authentic and I would love to spend some time there.

G20: Lastly, share with us a few of your favorite blogs/sites!

Alivia: I love Elite Daily and Thought Catalog… I even contribute on both! I also enjoy reading Story Of My Life  and Lip Shits and Mental Fits, to name a few! And of COURSE Gen Twenty.

Catch up with Alivia at on her blog–Liv Light, on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

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