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Be Fearless: 5 Ways to Get Over Your Fears

Get Over Your Fears

Life is full of things that are scary: graduating from college, losing weight, moving out on your own, starting a new job or relationship, getting married, having a child – practically any change in life big or small really. But hey, it’s perfectly natural to have fears. As much as we think of fear as being a crippling force, it can also be a pretty awesome motivator if you learn to use it the right way.

Five ways to get over your fears:

1. Remember why you started.

Fear has a lovely way of making us lose sight of what we’re working towards. We become so afraid that we start to question how bad we want it, if we’re capable of reaching our goals, and if the choice that we’re making is even the right choice. Don’t give into that little voice. That little voice’s job is to keep you from making any changes to your life. Find little ways to remind yourself of why you started. Tell your fears that you’re on a mission.

2. Make a plan.

I know that personally every time I’m about to make some change in my life I will undoubtedly at some point be anxious or afraid of something. To combat this, I like to plan. I create a Plan A, B, and even a C sometimes just to cover my bases. If one thing doesn’t go according to plan it’s easier for me to tell myself that there’s no need to fear because I’m prepared to conquer just about anything. Let’s face it, life hardly ever goes according to plan so this has actually taught me to be creative and flexible.

3. Learn from your setbacks.

Okay, we’re all human. We don’t do everything right. Sometimes you’re going to make a decision that you’ll look back on and deduct several cool points from yourself for every thinking it was a good idea. Every time something doesn’t work out, don’t let it scare you or hold you back from trying something new or different in the future. Take a look at why your decision didn’t work out. Evaluate what fears you have now because of a previous decision. Use this information to your advantage.

4. Make sure you have support.

I don’t know about you, but I always like to make sure that I have the support of at least one of my friends or loved ones before I make a big decision. There’s just something comforting in knowing that you’re being co-signed. I also trust that these folks will advise me if I’m being ridiculous. There’s a difference between being fearless and reckless.

5. Pat yourself on the back.

It takes some courage to be fearless. Some of us are naturally fearless, for some of us it takes a little more effort. Your fears are fears for a reason and your feelings are legitimate. Your fears can teach you some valuable lessons but when you find the courage to be fearless give yourself a little credit. Take a second to admire yourself for your own bravery.

How do you get over your fears? 


About the Author

Geralyn Dexter

Geralyn holds a B.S. in Psychology from the University of Florida and a MS in Mental Health Counseling from Nova Southeastern University. She is currently working on a Doctorate in Counseling Psychology. She enjoys reading, yoga and art. Within the next three years, she hopes to complete her doctorate and transition from practicing therapy in a community setting to having her own private practice.