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Spice up your life: Live colorfully

Red lips

I will never forget one of the most important life lessons my mother taught me: wear red lipstick. It’s that simple. Wear red lipstick. I remember growing up that even when my mother was sad, or angry, or confused; as soon as she put on her red lipstick she became invincible. It was her armour. It made her happier and more confident. However, growing up quite conservatively, I associated the color red with the traditional connotations of prostitution and promiscuity. My mother would always correct me and say it takes a brave person to wear red lipstick, to be confident, and to refuse to conform to societies preconceptions about people. That’s when I decided to live colorfully; to embrace every aspect of my life with a sense of fearlessness. To take calculated risks, to try something new, to be open to advice.

Since my mother gave me her advice when I was eighteen; red has been my signature color. As soon as I wear my red lipstick, red nail polish, or a red dress; I feel like I am invincible and that I am wearing my armour. One British study found that when an equal number of Olympic athletes competed, those wearing red won on more occasions compared to those wearing blue.

As well as wearing the color red, I chose to decorate my room in a soft green with white and pale yellow accents. A study from the Vrije Universiteit in Amsterdam found that when surrounded by the colors yellow and green they felt happier.

One of my favourite designer brands is Kate Spade, a great company that aims to “inspire colorful living.” The powerhouse brand boasts collections filled with bright colors, interesting designs, and a great price-tag. You can buy their amazing Live Colorfully perfume for just $95 via their website.

Here are my top four tips on how to live colorfully:

1. Be bold

Wear the red lipstick. Dye your hair blue. Rock those sunshine yellow stilettos. Being bold and wearing bright, primary colours, will show the world you are fearless, confident and you are not afraid to stray from the crowd.

2. Unleash your inner interior-designer

Like parents who decorate a nursery a gender-neutral color; be smart in choosing the colors you paint your walls. Blue is a great shade to create a sense of calm, and yellow is a cheerful shade that would brighten any kitchen.

3. Be smart

Self-education is vital for twenty-somethings. We need to grow, expand our knowledge and views, and entertainment is the easiest and most pleasurable way of doing this. It’s easy to read the same genre of novels, listen to the music, and see the same films; but just one small change in the way you view entertainment can help you embrace the color in your life. Watch a black and white classic movie (I’d recommend Top Hat), listen to a new genre of music (I’d recommend Eric Church’s new album ‘The Outsiders’), and read a novel from a banned books list (I’d recommend Lady Chatterly’s Lover).

4. Try something new

I don’t know about you, but as a second year college student, I find it very hard to schedule any ‘me’ time in between assignments and exams. So, this year I’ve made a pledge to myself to try something new. I decided to be more active and so I’ve scheduled an adventure filled day out where I’ll be twelve meters above ground taking part in obstacle courses. In the trees. Now, I’m not saying you have to jump straight into the deep end, but learning a new skill is a great way to make friends, become more confident, and also self-reliant.

How do you live your life colorfully?

About the Author

Chenice Clarke

Chenice Clarke is an english and american Literature and sociology student at UKC. She enjoys reading, traveling and watching Girls religiously. She is an advocate for women's rights.