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Why getting married in your 20s really isn’t like leaving the party at 9pm


You two happened to lock eyes across a crowed room, and for an instant, nobody else mattered. You had found each other – your new best friend, your new love, but wait, you’re still young! Why leave the club when the party is just getting started?

Who would want to be tied down to one person at 21? Who would willingly give up random hookups with strangers you pray to never see again to lie down with just one person for the foreseeable future?

You would. You do. And you’re not crazy for it.

Your 20’s are fun and exciting, but these years are often coupled with life changes that leave you feeling an awkwardness similar to that of those dreaded, pre-teen years. You’ll soon be, if you haven’t already, graduating from college, moving to a new city, finding a job, and being mostly, if not completely, separate from the protective nest of your parent’s home. Having one person to share it all with tempers those fears.

But once the anxiety settles, the fun sets in. The joys of being able to afford to experience life’s finer things–like road trips to places where your annoying siblings aren’t invited–are further heightened by knowing you have a friend as excited to share the time with you as you are to share with them.

As with anything else, young love isn’t for everyone. The free spirit who believes in “going off the grid” for weeks at a time may not pair well with the  hopeless romantic who needs to share the love. But for many it works. Growing up is hard enough; having not to do it alone makes it a little better.

The concept of the grass being greener on the other side fuels the idea that being young and single is the way to go, but the opposite brings a fulfillment and satisfaction that isn’t found elsewhere. Though many feel a strong disdain toward settling down when you’re young, happy and healthy relationships are constructive at any age.

Imperative words here: happy and healthy. Those of you who need to take time for self-discovery, growth, and doing what you want sans regard to anyone else’s feelings, feel free! The decision is wholly yours. Those of you who feel like the time has come for a relationship based on the commitment of your choosing, power to you, as well. Again, the decision is yours.

So the time has finally come: adulthood. You’re old enough to do what you want, go where you please, and party until the wee hours of however many mornings you choose. Getting all dolled up every weekend to dance and drink away the slightest notion of responsibility is expected: go out late, stay out even later, and never, ever leave the party early.

Unless, you’ve found love. Then it’s okay.

About the Author

Parys Grigsby

Parys received her Bachelor of Arts in Journalism in May 2013 from the University of Georgia’s Grady College of Journalism and Mass Communications. She enjoys photography, writing, and interior design and looks forward to one day giving urban youth an outlet to explore their writing passion.