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The Questions I Ask Myself to Find Purpose in Day-to-Day Life

When I'm questioning my purpose, I have a series of questions I ask myself and think deeply about the way I want to answer them.

Searching for your existential purpose can take a lifetime in and of itself. Should we put our lives on hold until we discover our ultimate purpose? Of course not! We search for our daily purpose; those little things that bring us joy and bring joy to others.

Finding purpose in the mundane will require self-exploration, including asking yourself some tough questions. The answers to those questions won’t tell you your purpose, but they will lead you there.

Keep in mind, this isn’t about making rules for yourself and following them stringently. It’s about hearing the call of your heart and letting that guide you to peace and intention in all facets of your life.

Your purpose is a gentle guide; a direction in which to wander, rather than a goal you must arrive at as quickly as possible.

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Your purpose in fun.

Ask yourself, “What brings me joy?”

So often self-judgment is what clogs the drains of creativity and stops self-discovery from flowing freely. If you remove the should’s and shouldn’t’s from your thought process I promise you’ll be that much closer to fully understanding what you truly enjoy.

If you find that traveling (or Zumba or social media or any other wildly popular leisure activity) is not your cup of tea, accept that you’ll be hearing a lot from people who think you’re missing out. Shrug off their judgments and continue to seek purpose in whatever makes you happy.

Your purpose in work.

Ask yourself, “What do I want to accomplish?”

Raise your hand if you’ve started out a Monday with, “What do I have to do today?” Purpose is about the choice to live your life the way you feel called to, not about feeling stuck in circumstances that you refuse to change.

The next time you’re given an assignment at work, use it as an opportunity to learn about yourself. Which areas did you feel you excelled at? What did you coworkers ask you to help with? You’ll begin to see that there is a special niche for you in the workplace. Just don’t use soul searching as an excuse to ignore your boss’ directions!

Your purpose in health.

Ask yourself, “How do I want to feel?”

Have you ever thought about what health means to you? It sure seems like everyone else has, the way they scream it from magazine covers and blog titles. Allow yourself to let go of the external noise and figure out the way you want to feel.

You won’t find purpose in your health journey by reading an account of someone else’s. (Although if that inspires you to do your thing, then great!) You’re not that girl on the Paleo blog who doesn’t use any sweeteners besides dehydrated bananas, nor do you believe that skinny equals healthy.

Listen to your mind and body; allow that to guide your choices to find purpose in your health journey.

Your purpose in love/relationships.

Ask yourself, “What is important to me in relationships?”

Perhaps your family always prioritized talking about issues as a way to solve them, and out of habit you’ve become your friends’ unofficial counselor. Is this the purpose you want to fulfill or is it what’s been forced upon you circumstantially?

Spend some time time alone with your thoughts and determine what you believe a strong relationship is centered on, what you would like to give in relationships, and what you want to receive (and no, it’s not selfish to have needs).

Your purpose in community.

Ask yourself, “What do I want out of a community?”

They say you only get what you give. What’s your vision of what a community should be? How do you fit into that scheme? Your passion tells you where you want to be and your strengths tell you where you’re needed. Your purpose in community is a beautiful blend of those two things.

Your purpose in spirituality.

Ask yourself, “What do I feel connected to?”

Do you have a sense of something beyond this physical world? Whether it’s an early morning hike up a mountain calling you tap into the invisible or a heart-to-heart with a friend drawing you to feel connected with every individual around you, only you can determine what you need from the immaterial.

Finding your purpose can take some time, even for the little things. Be gentle with yourself and all will fall into place.

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