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6 Festive Ways To Celebrate Christmas Alone

For most of us, the holidays look pretty different this year. The guidelines and restrictions associated with COVID-19 have made it difficult to participate in normal activities like traveling and gathering with family and friends. If you plan to celebrate Christmas alone this year, don’t fret.

Many Americans across the country find themselves in a similar situation. While celebrating Christmas alone probably isn’t your first choice, it doesn’t need to be a somber occasion. Try celebrating Christmas alone with these festive activities:

6 Festive Ways To Celebrate Christmas Alone

1.Have a holiday movie marathon

There are countless fabulous holiday movies for absolutely any viewer. Whether you’re a sap for Hallmark romances, or prefer classics like A Christmas Story, or enjoy comedic holiday films like Elf, there are endless holiday movie options available to you.

Pop some popcorn, grab a drink, cuddle up on the couch under a pile of blankets, and press play. A holiday movie marathon is a great way to pass the time and also feel like you’re hanging with friends, even though they’re on screen.

2. Blast your favorite holiday tunes

Christmas music is so catchy! It seems to have this unbelievable power to completely change your mood and get you in the holiday spirit. Blast whatever Christmas tunes suit you best.

Some favor Mariah Carey’s All I Want for Christmas is You. Others prefer bands like Trans Siberian Orchestra. Whether you enjoy pop holiday tunes or the classics, play some music, relax, and enjoy.

3. Start a new holiday tradition

Some people play holiday music and decorate their Christmas trees. Others like to decorate gingerbread houses. Some enjoy decorating stockings, volunteering, or joining a Christmas carol choir.

Whatever you enjoy, consider starting a new tradition that suits you. It doesn’t need to be something you’d include family or friends in on, but rather something you do just for yourself during the holidays.

4. Indulge in some self-care

2020 has been a taxing year, to say the least. You’ve probably faced some challenges. Maybe you lost your job, had to move, are an essential worker required to work overtime, dealing with depression associated with quarantining/isolation, or any other challenge brought on by COVID-19.

Everyone deserves some extra self-care. Pamper yourself in whatever form of self-care you see fit this holiday season. Write in a journal, catch up on sleep, meditate, give yourself a facial, or whatever other form of self-care you prefer. Enjoy – you deserve it!

5. Set goals for the new year

2021 is right around the corner and it’s time to start thinking about goal-setting for next year. Brainstorm what you most want to achieve in the new year. Write your goals, big or small, down on paper and reflect.

Are your goals realistic? What steps do you need to take to ensure you achieve them? Map out your New Year’s resolutions and get yourself organized.

Remember, COVID-19 is going to carry into 2021. While we’re not sure yet for how long, be mindful about this as you plan for the new year. Don’t beat yourself up if this pandemic prevents you from reaching your goals.

6. Try a new recipe

When you’re on your own, you can eat what you want. Celebrating Christmas alone means you don’t have someone next to you complaining that they don’t want to eat a certain dish or happen to be allergic to a particular ingredient.

Use this time solo to trying a new dish that suits your palate. Research different recipes online. Dust off an old cookbook and put it to use.

This alone time presents the perfect opportunity to try a new recipe and maybe find your new favorite holiday dish. Even better? It could be the plate you bring to Christmas next year when things are (hopefully) back to normal.

The holidays certainly look different this year, but different doesn’t have to be a bad thing. Try enjoying these activities solo to make the most of celebrating Christmas alone. It might feel a little funny at first, but it’s still a wonderful time of year to celebrate, even if you’re by yourself.

Are you planning to celebrate Christmas alone? Share your suggestions on how to make the best of the holiday season solo in the comments below!

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