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5 Hallmark Movies To Watch This Year

5 Hallmark Movies To Watch This Year

One of my very favorite pastimes during the holiday season is to binge-watch movies on the Hallmark channel. The cheesier, the sweeter, and the more romantic, the better. Hallmark’s Countdown to Christmas has been a favorite of mine since before I can remember. I’ve always had a hankering for romance movies. Add the holiday season into the mix, and I just can’t get enough!

Each year, Hallmark debuts its line up of holiday movies in its Countdown to Christmas. Some years, the movies overlap with past years. But, Hallmark is pretty good about creating new, albeit similar, content each year.

Here is a short list of some of Hallmark’s holiday movies that you should watch this year:

1. Mingle All the Way


Ever need a date for a function, without adding a relationship into the mix? In this modern tale, the main character, Molly, creates an app called “Mingle All the Way” that pairs busy professionals together to act as each other’s date for upcoming events. It’s a business arrangement, but it might turn into something more…

2. Christmas Made to Order


Too busy to organize hosting Christmas for the family? That’s what character and architect Steven is dealing with leading up to Christmas Day. He hires holiday coordinator Gretchen to manage all of the decorations and planning, but he gets more than he bargained for in an event planner…

3. Pride, Prejudice, and Mistletoe


Do you find yourself working extra hard to prove yourself and be successful without help from your family? That is the situation main character Darcy finds herself in. While she has her own company, she has to return home for Christmas and muster the strength to work with an old rival, Luke, to plan a charity event together. What will become of her relationship with Luke? More importantly, with her family?

4. A Gingerbread Romance


Have you ever wanted to build a life-sized gingerbread house? That’s just what architect Taylor gets to do after her firm enters her in a holiday contest. After the contest, Taylor expects to earn a promotion and move to a new city. Will she accept the promotion after meeting Adam, a single dad and local baker?

5. A Shoe Addict’s Christmas


Have you ever wondered what would happen if you got locked in a store after-hours? This is what happens to Noelle, a busy department store worker who gets locked in the mall in the shoe department. Out of nowhere, a quirky woman appears, telling Noelle that she is her guardian angel. Noelle finds herself visiting the Christmases of the past, present, and future as she navigates her love life, her dream career, and her relationship with her father…

Now, this is merely a sampling of the wonderful holiday movies Hallmark debuts each year. These are some of my faves. Romantic? Of course! Cheesy? You bet! Still worth the watch? I think so! All of these Hallmark movies follow a similar tone, style, and plot. But, regardless of how simplistic the plots can be or how mediocre the dialogue seems, I am all in on Hallmark’s Countdown to Christmas. You can find this year’s schedule here.

Do you enjoy Hallmark Christmas movies as well? Share some of your favorites in the comments!

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