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The Ultimate Mother’s Day Gift Guide from GenTwenty

Mother’s Day is just around the corner! In 2024, it falls on May 12th! Here are some ideas that I would not only be thrilled to receive as a mom but have tried out and am happily gifting myself.

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Mother’s Day Gift Guide

A Mother’s Day Boarderie

If your mom is a cheese and charcuterie lover, the Limited Edition Mother’s Day Board is the perfect gift for her to enjoy this Mother’s Day! It checks all the boxes: it’s delicious, doesn’t add to the clutter, and let’s her enjoy time with you!

This cheese and charcuterie board arrives ready to eat. With 19 hand-selected artisan cheeses, meats, dried fruits, nuts, olives, chocolates and crackers to try, there is something for everyone.

After I had my first Boarderie… we’ve ordered these many, many times. They are awesome. This link gives you $15 off a purcahse of $85 or more.

Book of the Month Membership

If your mom loves to read, consider a Book of The Month membership! Each month she’ll get to pick out a new read suited to just her tastes. You really can’t go wrong with this one!

And also… make sure she knows she doesn’t have to order all of the books at one time. I gifted this to my MIL and she ordered all of the books at once via add-ons. Part of the surprise is getting access to new books every month!

Pura Diffuser

pura diffuser

We have a couple of Pura Diffusers in my house and we love them! They are plug-in scent diffusers that are refillable. They have a huge variety of scents that are all pet and kid safe.

The diffusers are extremely easy to install and can be controlled via an app. You can set schedules and scent intensity as well as order new scents on the app. I am a huge fan!

My favorite scents so far have been Maui and Orange Blossom, Lilac & Jasmine.

A Bundle of Goldthread Tonics

Goldthread Tonics

These little health tonics might not look like much but the bottles are substantial and delicious!! They are perfect for the health-conscious, wellness-loving mom. And available at grocery stores around the country!

Each of the Goldthread Tonics are designed and formulated for different benefits including energy, immune function, replenishment, and more! It might not seem like it is about to be one of the best drinks you’ve ever hard but Green Minerals is outstanding! I buy it again and again.

A Trucker Hat or Dad Hat From Mother Hats

  • Mother Hats

Mother Hats isn’t just about stylish headwear (even though their hats are truly SO cute!), it’s a movement dedicated to empowering mothers and reminding them about their incredible strength!  

In a world where mothers often juggle countless responsibilities with grace and determination, Mother Hats offers a moment of recognition and appreciation. It’s a way to honor the incredible women who give so much of themselves every day. 

These hats are designed by a mom who wants normalize that ‘being a mom is hard,’ and create a community where moms feel strong, beautiful and confident! Each piece is designed with both style and substance, featuring empowering slogans and designs that resonate with the unique experiences of motherhood. In addition, 10% of proceeds go to mothers in need.

Multi-Batch Compact Cold Press Juicer

Multi-Batch Compact Cold Press Juicer

Give the gift of ultimate convenience with a sleek, space-saving cold press juicer perfect for mom’s countertop! This juicer fits takes up just 5 inches of countertop space, offering hands-free juicing—just preload fruits and veggies, hit start, and enjoy superior juice quality and yield thanks to its robust motor’s enhanced torque.

Elevate her health journey with this compact Multi-Batch juicer, delivering top-notch performance and durability for vibrant flavor and nutrients in every sip!

Elina Organics Collagen Mask

elina organics

If you have a skin-care loving, mama treat her to a luxury mask from Elina Organics! The collagen mask in particular is extremely effective and feels luxurious on the skin. I like to follow it up with the Ambra Lift Elixir and the Amber Collagen Cream for extra benefits.

Otherland Candles

otherland candles

If your mama is a candle, look no further than Otherland! These cult-favorite candles feature luxury fragrances (I am burning Cardamom Milk as I write this!) that fill your space with a delicious scent! They have something for everyone and not only do they smell divine, they are visually stunning as well! Create your own gift box to get mom her perfect trio of scents!

Dream Valley Cooling Comforter

Upgrade your mom’s sleep routine with the Dream Valley Cooling Comforter uses Outlast thermo-technology! It was originally developed by NASA, to regulate sleep temperature by proactively absorbing and releasing heat, effectively alleviating overheating during sleep – this is perfect for a hot sleeper, especially as we approach the summer months.

It comes in 6 colors and 4 sizes and will be 15% off from April 30th to May 12th!

Skylar Perfume

Skylar has created clean, fine fragrances that smell AMAZING (including their newest scent – Honeysuckle Dream).

Their dreamy and nature-inspired scents are hypoallergenic, safe for sensitive skin, and eco-friendly. They are transparent with their ingredients and create amazing fragrances that last.

Mother’s Day Coffee and Tea Gift Set

coffee and tea gift set for mother's day

If your mom is a coffee and tea lover, look for further than this unique gift set from Atlas Coffee Club! It includes:

  • Four ​sample bags ​of specialty coffees:​ El Salvador, Indonesia, Costa Rica, Brazil
  • Four ​sample bags of exquisite herbal teas inspired by four countries:​ Chile, Madagascar, Egypt, Malawi
  • A beautiful Mother’s Day card
  • Picturesque postcards from each origin
  • Fun facts about each country’s national flower
  • Free U.S. shipping

Each coffee bag brews 3.5 cups of coffee and each tea bag steeps 6 cups of tea so she’ll have plenty of opportunity to pick her favorite!

Caraway Stainless Steel Cookware Set

Caraway Stainless Steel Cookware Set

This Mother’s Day, treat the culinary enthusiast in your life to the ultimate kitchen upgrade with Caraway’s Stainless Steel Cookware Set. Crafted with precision and style, this collection combines elegance with functionality, making it an essential addition to any modern kitchen.

Each piece in this set is meticulously designed to deliver exceptional performance while effortlessly elevating the cooking experience. From sautéing and simmering to searing and frying, these pots and pans are versatile enough to handle any recipe with ease.

Tumbler Signature Chef’s Knife

tumbler chef knife

On a similar note, celebrate Mom’s passion for cooking with Tumbler’s Chef Knife, a game-changer in the kitchen arsenal. Designed for precision, durability, and style, this chef knife is the perfect companion for every culinary adventure.

If she cooks often, she’ll appreciate a knife that goes the distance. The gift set is also a phenomenal deal – I love my knife sharpener from Tumbler.

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