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Building Your Foundation on Happiness

Your happiness is no one else's responsibility. Take control with these 5 steps!

What inspires you? What gets you excited every day? What makes you happy?

Happiness can sprout from various events in your life. For example, being physically active or performing in the school play can play a part in happiness.

Building your foundation on happiness is very important because it brings out your true self. A little something from Audrey Hepburn to start building your foundation on happiness, “Happy girls are the prettiest.”

How can you build your foundation on happiness? Start with these 5 things:

1. Only Compare Yourself To Yourself

Stop comparing yourself with others. Instead, compare yourself to yourself. Why? You will only get happier and stronger by comparing who you were yesterday to who you want to be tomorrow.

Sure, being twenty-somethings we have the tendency to compare ourselves to peers or even celebrities, especially people we see on Instagram. Instagram has been a huge staple for comparing ourselves to others for the wrong reasons. But Instagram never shows the full story. Love yourself for who you are, not who you appear to act like.

2. Love to Love

Building your foundation on happiness relies on love. Love doesn’t just mean a significant other, it can be love for friendship, family, animals, hobbies, and loving yourself.

Love is a powerful feeling, and with it you can live a happier life. For instance, if you have a significant other to come home to everyday, love can be what powers you through tough work days. Coming home to your loved one who is there for support can be quite a relief at the end of stressful day.

But remember, friendships are built on love too. Finding those certain qualities and similarities, along with trust will give you friends for a lifetime. Family is always there to support and love you, and surrounding your life with family will bring true happiness.

As for animals and hobbies, those both show a sense of love. Animals are affectionate and act as a child to many. Your hobbies are activities you can rely on for happiness. Demonstrating your hobby through art, running, writing, being creative, hiking, etc. uses the same amount of effort, passion, and love as everything else.

3. Let the Silly Things Slide

We can’t hold onto what could be holding us back. Letting the little things bother us keeps us from moving forward. We need to start letting the silly things slide instead of holding onto them for dear life.

For example, if we mess up at work, all you can do is own up to it, then let it go and keep moving forward. We need to learn that everyone makes mistakes: no one is perfect. Being twenty-something, we’re bound to make mistakes and those mistakes should allow us to shake them off and learn from them. Shake it off! Shake it off!

4. Your Well-Being

Nothing spells out happiness more than your well-being. Building your foundation on happiness has to do a lot with your well-being. Being healthy, working out, and eating the right foods releases endorphins. Endorphins are produced from your central nervous system, and are released when you perform activity.

Why is it important to build your foundation on happiness through your well-being? It is important to take care of yourself in order to do the other things in life that make you happy. The state of being comfortable, healthy, and happy derives from your well-being.

5. Do What You Love

The only way to true happiness is to do what you love. Building your foundation on happiness is filling your life up with hobbies and activities that keep you going each day.

For instance, going to work shouldn’t be dreadful, it should be something you look forward to. Do something that makes you happy and something that you have passion towards. If you’re not happy with what you’re doing, change it and start building your foundation on work that inspires you and allows you to grow.

As a twenty-somethings, we are experimenting with what we love to do, and what doesn’t inspire us. We sometimes need to set social media aside, and think about what really makes us happy. What’s life worth if you’re not living it the way you want it to be?

About the Author

Karli Gasswint

Karli is a West Virginia University graduate with a B.S. in Public Relations and a minor in Business Administration. She is a content writer and public relations specialist at a web design company in Oklahoma. In her free time, you can find her blogging, watching sports, drinking wine and coffee, working out, and loving floral everything. She hopes to own a small business one day.