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17 Affirmations for Depression

The days are long, the nights are cold, and you are not alone. 

Holiday season can bring a mix of emotions that are easiest to classify under the “melancholy” territory. I know I am not alone in saying that winter makes me want to snuggle up in bed with a warm cup of tea, a good book or movie, a space heater on high nearby, and not get up until…Spring. 

Rest is a vital part of life our modern world has caused us to feel ashamed of; if we are giving it to ourselves at all. Yet, we need balance. Some days you need to tell yourself to give into the physical exhaustion and mental fatigue being an adult inevitably drives you too.

Other days, you need to barter with yourself to get things done and stay vertical until a task is completed. There are no right and wrongs, there is only intuition. Follow what your mind and body are telling you, but do so with genuine care.

It is easy to allow ourselves to overwork when responsibilities are high, just as it is easy to give into the dark fog that tells you nothing matters and to cocoon yourself for as many days as possible. 

17 Affirmations for Depression

I get it. I feel it too. The second the sun starts to change with the season my seasonal depression veers its ugly head.

Some months it happens with seemingly no reason at all. None of us are immune to this. None of us are weak for this.

But, what we all need is to be able to care for ourselves during this. The best way to do so? Changing the narrative.

Even when it is hard. Even when you don’t want to. Even when you don’t believe you deserve it. You do.

Using affirmations and repeating them to yourself at your low points will get you through the day, and hopefully, the more you share it with yourself the more you will believe it. You are deserving of love, patience, and understanding. From yourself and from others.

If no one around you can give that to you, you must give it to yourself. At the end of the day, you are all you have. You are your best friend. So, speak kindly. Encourage softly. Love greatly. 

Here at GenTwenty, we want you to know that we are holding your hand the whole way there: 

  1. I am deserving of love, happiness, and comfort. 

  2. I have value even when I am not productive.

  3. I am resilient in the face of challenges.

  4. I am greater than these thoughts.

  5. Every day is a gift to show myself how strong and tenacious I am. 

  6. I have made it this far, and for that I am grateful 

  7. I am loved, appreciated, and admired even when it seems like I am not..

  8. I recognize the darkness in me, but I see that my light is stronger and more important 

  9. I am more than what people think I am, or what I can do for them. Other’s opinions do not shape my life. 

  10. I forgive myself and am proud of the distance I have conquered 

  11. I deserve everything good 

  12. I do not have to prove anything to myself or anyone else. I am enough.

  13. I forgive others for letting me down when I needed them to lift me up. It was a reminder that I am my most secure and loyal force. 

  14. I forgive myself and everyone else for not being perfect. We are all learning together and trying to honor ourselves. 

  15. I am okay to sit in this discomfort with curiosity, as I am learning something about myself and know it will not last forever 

  16. I am strong in my weakness 

  17. I love myself, even on my worst days. 

Positive thinking at the absolute lowest is what gets us out of the sludge. Even if it seems like there is no hope at all, telling oneself, “I will endure,” will get you to the next day. Continue to do that.

Find what you need to endure. Remind yourself that at the end of the day you are your own storyteller. You are in control.

You can sit with yourself and soothe your soul. You can, and you will, because there is much yet to come. Life is about balance, and the deeper you get the higher you will rise.

We appreciate you here at GenTwenty, we see you and we want you to know we are trying our best right alongside with you. We will get through this together. 

About the Author

Danielle Tulipano

Danielle is a born and bred New Englander who graduated from Ohio State University just so she could lose the accent. Nowadays, she works at a private college in Boston, is a Certified Personal Trainer and Yogi, and obtains many skills from her adventures as a craft cocktail bartender. She is passionate about all things literature, art, travel, and mental and physical wellness. She aspires to maintain a life that allows her to continue to meet new people and hear their stories.