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5 new hobbies to try today


Are you the type of person who only does what you’re comfortable with?  What we mean: you find a hobby you love or are good at, but don’t explore anything else once you’ve settled.  At GenTwenty, we don’t want you to settle on anything!  Which is why we have pieced together this guide of new and exciting hobbies for you (and your friends) to take part in.

Here are 5 new hobbies to try today:


This might be one of the best ways to get in shape and have fun at the same time!  Recently, I started playing this intense game with some friends of mine at work. We chose certain days to workout during the week and, thankfully, racquetball became one of our chosen workouts.  When is the last time you heard someone talk about their love for racquetball?  Well, pick up a racquet, find a friend and fall in love with it like I have – you could become that person!

Typography design work

Purchase Adobe Photoshop, download some fun fonts and get to designing! Typography is the latest craze in the design world, especially on Etsy and seen mostly on Pinterest.  A time consuming activity, picking up on typography as your new hobby could turn into a money-making business dream! For example, take a look at the different typography shops on Etsy. These individuals sell their designs for parties, weddings and more… for fun!

Cooking or baking

If the sports or design life isn’t for you, step into the kitchen. Watch Food Network or the Cooking Channel and take notes! You could be the next Emeril or Rachael Ray in no time. Or if you’re like me, purchase a cupcake cookbook and get to work. My favorite thing about baking is making frostings—peanut butter buttercream is the easiest one to make!


We’re not saying you have to become the next Picasso or anything, but painting could be your ticket to relaxation.  Does anyone remember Allie from The Notebook? Her favorite hobby was to paint…and Noah, her devishly-handsome soulmate portrayed by Ryan Gosling, gave her the freedom to pursue her passion.


Go for a run!  No, really, we mean it.  Running is not only good for your health but it’s also a great hobby to try. This is also a hobby that can be done remotely anywhere. If you’re at the gym, head for the treadmill and run your heart out. And if you find yourself with some free time between work or your other responsibilities, go for a jog around the neighborhood or with a friend at the local park. Getting on a running kick is also an excuse to go shopping for new workout clothes and shoes, twenty-somethings (hey, sometimes, we need an extra excuse to shop, right?).

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Gina Kirby

Gina is a Co-founder of GenTwenty. She graduated from the University of Maryland University College with a B.A. in Communications. She currently works at IKEA as a Social Media Specialist.