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Why You Should Take a Long Trip With Your BoyFriend Before The Honeymoon

You learn a lot about someone when you’re traveling with them. There’s something about being in a different (especially unknown) area for the first time that truly tests your relationship with someone, no matter how long you’ve been with them.

We step outside of our routine, we’re figuring out and trying new things and experiencing them together. Whereas all of this is fun and exciting, it can have its own sorts of obstacles too.

Why You Should Take a Long Trip With Your BoyFriend Before The Honeymoon

I recently traveled with my significant other for two weeks to a place neither of us had been before — Hawaii. It was beautiful! The trip was incredible and we had such a good time together. But we also learned more about each other as individuals and as a couple, too.

It wasn’t the longest amount of time we’d spent together 24/7, but it was the longest amount of time we’ve spent together outside of home. I am so glad we did this prior to any sort of honeymoon, and highly recommend you take a long trip with your boyfriend before the honeymoon. Here’s why.

You Will Deal With Different Stresses

Life is full of stresses, whether we want them or not. Unfortunately, this includes even on vacation. What time is the shuttle picking us up? Should we make a right or a left? Shoot, are we going to miss our dinner reservation?

These are just some examples of super common stresses that happen. Seeing how you react to them — individually and as a couple — will show you a lot about yourself and about each other.

It’s so easy to get overwhelmed because you don’t know the area and aren’t sure what to do and to start snapping or making snide remarks. Seeing how your significant other deals with this, or how you deal with it, will be profound.

You Will Make New Compromises 

Are you a total beach person that can just lay there all day without moving? Is your partner the opposite, needing to constantly be doing something? Trying to find a place to travel to that will offer you the best of both will require you both to compromise.

Compromise is a huge part of all relationships, and it includes being on vacation. There are so many things to compromise about — what type of vacation should we take? What should we spend our time doing? Do we want to do any excursions? What time are we making up? And so on.

Successfully compromising, and making decisions that both of you can enjoy, will strengthen your relationship. But it’s not always easy.

Why You Should Take a Long Trip With Your BoyFriend Before The Honeymoon

You Will See How You Travel Together 

We all know one of the hardest parts of going on vacation is the actual travel aspect– airports in themselves, security lines, plane delays, layovers, and so on. This travel stress has just heightened during COVID-19. It’s important to learn how you and your partner travel and what you expect of each when traveling.

For instance, I am a horrible flier and admit it. Because of this, I am more on edge and irritable when flying, especially when a plan hits some turbulence. My boyfriend knows this, tries to calm me down, and just lets me be until I get through it. I am so grateful for that and if you are a bad flier, I highly recommend you are candid about this with your significant other, too.

I Want To Enjoy My Honeymoon 

I could not imagine learning everything I did both myself, about my significant other, and about our relationship on our honeymoon. I am so glad we took this long trip, just the two of us, to a place neither of us had been before, prior to it. It entirely strengthened our relationship and showed us all the things we can get through and successfully experience together.

Especially by being away together for two weeks, that was a decent chunk of time whereas I do not think we would’ve had the same awareness and foundation if we had only gone together for a week — heck, I know we won’t because we have done it before. By getting a big travel with just ourselves done prior to any honeymoon, we now fully know how to travel well with each other, what to expect, what to let go of and what to discuss and plan in advance. To me personally, this is something I am super grateful to not having to learn on my honeymoon and that I can just enjoy it, when that time comes!

If you really want to a see a person’s true colors, take them out of their comfort zone, and going on vacation and exploring a new place does just that. Did you travel with your significant other before getting married? Did it open your eyes in a good or bad way? Share your experience with us in the comments!

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