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Why You Should Take a Weekend Girls’ Trip This Summer

Why You Should Take a Weekend Girls' Trip This Summer

Summer vacations do not always need to be a massive trip or expenditure. Sometimes, all you need is a couple of girlfriends and 48 hours. It really can be that simple.

Let’s face it — between getting the time off from work and paying off all our bills, sometimes a large vacation may not be in the plans for us this summer. But that should not stop you from still getting away! Everyone deserves to escape reality, even if it is just for a little while. It’s personally my favorite form of self-care. That aside, there are countless studies on the impact that a weekend getaway can have on your mental health. We all can benefit from a break once and awhile.

And who better to take that little break with? Your girlfriends.

My friends and I have started doing these weekend getaways more and more these past few years. Whether it’s a roadtrip down to a beach area or quick flight to a city we have never been to before, there are so many great trips you can take in 72 hours or less.

Why You Should Take a Weekend Girls’ Trip This Summer

1. They’re easy to plan. 

For the most part, you can plan a weekend getaway all on your own, whereas if you were looking to take a larger trip it would be more beneficial to go through a travel agency or tour company.

Additionally, a lot of the times it is easier to get a bunch of people available the same weekend, rather during the weekdays when everyone would have to take time off from work. As we all know, scheduling gets harder in adulthood and planning a weekend getaway is a great way to take advantage of a time you and your friends likely already have off from work and likely do not have any other obligations.

2. If you do have obligations, it’s easier to find coverage for. 

If you have a pet or are married with children, getting away for the weekend tends to be significantly easier than getting away for an extended period of time. It is easier to find someone to watch your children or pets for a couple of days rather than a couple of weeks!

This also applies to work as well. It is obviously easier to ask for one day (or no!) days of PTO rather than two weeks in a row. Additionally, it is easier to find someone to cover your shift for one day (or a half-day) rather than for multiple days in a row.

3. They can be fairly inexpensive. 

Obviously this all depends on where you want to go. However, you can usually keep costs down on a weekend getaway but getting an A‌i‌r‌b‌n‌b‌ somewhere or by getting one hotel room and sharing it (depending on how many you are — let’s be real, we have all done the four girls, one bathroom trip before!).

If you are driving somewhere, fit everyone in one car and split the gas bill. If you have a friend that lives out of state, make this weekend trip an excuse to see them and you will not even have to worry about lodging! Plus as you are only there for a couple of days, costs tend to not add up as much.

4. You’re making memories. 

Yes, you can make memories at home too — but you can do that anytime! Taking a weekend getaway gives you a change of scenery and allows you to make new memories with your friends in a different place. You will likely be doing things on this little trip that you would not normally be doing at home.

You want to take advantage of all the area you are in has to offer and as you are only there for a short-time, you will probably be out and about much more, soaking everything in, than you would be if you were at home. Plus, we all love sharing stories, and a weekend getaway is the perfect place to make those memories you can tell for years to come.

5. It strengthens your friendships. 

Traveling together strengthens the bonds of friendship. You are experiencing a new place with these people and that is something that you will always have.

Of course, it is fairly impossible to say that all trips are “drama free” but that is just a slight blimp on things in the long run. In terms of taking a weekend trip rather than a logo trip, there is obviously less time for drama to happen (or people to get sick of each other).

Also, if you do choose to roadtrip somewhere, that is a fun experience in itself! Who doesn’t love being on the open road with their favorite songs blasting singing at the top of their lungs with their best friends? Half the fun is getting there!

6. You are escaping the stresses of real life. 

Just for a bit, but sometimes that really is all you need! A couple of days just to get away and not fret about anything — doesn’t that sound glorious? Plus, as you are only away for a short period of time, you can truly be more worry free as you are not leaving things unattended for too long. It’s the perfect time to focus on you!

So, where will you be going this summer?

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