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Why Staying Close To Your Childhood Friends Is Beautiful

Why Staying Close To Your Childhood Friends is Beautiful

I made two friends when I was four years old that are still heavily present in my life today, and I could not be more grateful.

We have already shared about how friendships change in your twenties and how that is okay. And it is okay. But there is something truly beautiful about having the same couple of friends throughout your entire life (or at the very least, the large majority of it).

If you have a childhood friend or two that is still in your life in your twenties, I am sure that you agree. They just get it. And that is a beautiful thing.

Why Staying Close To Your Childhood Friends is Beautiful

1. They have become your family. 

Having friends who become family is not as common as some may think; in fact, it is quite rare. These friends have been to all of your family birthday parties, graduation parties, family events, holidays, and so on. They are apart of your family. Your family knows them, has grown up with them, and treats them like family, too.

You do not have to worry about the awkward introductions or wondering how your friends and family will mesh — it’s been happening almost your entire life and it has been happening organically. It’s your normal. Their parents are like a second set of parents to you. Their grandparents consider you like another grandchild. Their home still remains a home away from home, one where you feel entirely comfortable.

2. They know your family. 

You do not need to explain any family dynamics to these friends. They know all about your family history because they were there for most of it. They know who is related to who and how. They were there for you when a parent or grandparent passed away. They shared in your loss and mourned with you. They were also there for you in times of celebrations as well, like a siblings college graduation or a cousin’s wedding.

Childhood friends know the personalities of your family members and know the relationships you have with each of them. When you want to share news about a relative or vent about something that is happening, you do not need to get into the entire backstory first. You can just share and they will know exactly why you are excited or upset over what’s happening.

3. They have been through everything with you.

Having childhood friends still in your life means that you went through everything together — elementary school, middle school, high school, college, first jobs, etc. You went through all of these changes and new beginnings together, likely at the same time.

These are all huge parts of your life and the ones that you have learned your life lessons from. They are the parts of your life that had made you into the person you are today. And these friends were there with you throughout them. They saw you grow and you saw them grow as well.

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4. They have seen you at your worst. 

It is nearly impossible to have someone in your life for over twenty years without them seeing you at your worst. Bad times happen to everyone, and having childhood friends who are still in your life means that they were there with you during those bad times.

Whether it was you being an angsty teenager or trying to cope with the death of a parents, these are the friends who saw you through that, and still loved you when you were being a royal b****. On the flip side, you have also seen these friends at their complete worst, and you loved them anyway. Having someone stay by your side while at your worst, and having them still love you and be there for you, is no small thing.

5. They have the same memories as you. 

Can’t remember the name of that third grade teacher you hated? Your childhood friend will likely remember. Feeling nostalgic and want to think back to the worry-free times of high school? Your childhood friend can help you relish in those memories.

Sharing the same memories and experiences with someone is a huge deal and one that you become more grateful for as you get older and farther removed from the situations. Times you thought were so bad back in your teens can now become comedic, and what is better than having someone to laugh alongside?

6. You know they will always be there for you. 

In the span of twenty-plus decades, you have been through so much – both good and bad. This bond you have created is one that will not go away easily. They have been there for you for so long, you can comfortably know that they will continue to be there for you for whatever the future may hold. They are the ones you can count on no matter what.

Do you have a childhood best friend you’re still friends with today? Let them know how much they mean to you! 

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