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What Twenty-Somethings Really Want for Christmas

1. Clothes and accessories from ModCloth
Specifically, I’ve been eyeing this dress and this cozy sweater. I would also love to have this playful scarf. Having ModCloth on my Christmas wishlist is important to me because I love clothes – but I never buy anything for myself. Unless I absolutely need something, I don’t let myself go clothes shopping. Receiving these kinds of items as gifts allows me to continue saving as much as possible while still adding a few pieces a year to my wardrobe. – Kali Hawlk

Modcloth logo
Photo source: Modcloth
2. A running watch
Specifically I have my eye on the Garmin Forerunner 10 due to recommendations from friends and its ability to track interval training. I’ve been working hard to get better at running this year and my goal is to complete a 10k in June (may not seem like a lot, but for someone who’s never even done a 5k it’s a BIG DEAL). A large part of my training program is interval running and this watch will make tracking that easier. Many twenty-somethings will sign up for races or fun run events at some point or they may be serious runners and compete all the time – having a good running watch makes training easier and tracking your progress and your improvement is always fun to see. – Miranda Russell

Photo source: Garmin
3. A gift card to a grocery store
We all have to fill our pantries and refrigerators somehow, but it can be difficult with our twenty-something incomes and the fact that we’re spending a portion of it on gifts for others this season. Purchasing groceries for the twenty-something in your life ensures that they will have the means to eat healthy meals. Additionally, with an extra boost to their food budget, maybe they’ll be able to splurge on that local peanut butter they’ve been eyeing or finally buy the ingredients for that pie they’ve been wanting to bake. A gift card for groceries is less flashy than clothing or a new tech toy, but it has the potential to bring some warmth and comfort to a twenty-something in the coldest months. – Natalee Desotell

Grocery cart
Photo source: Vanderbilt
4. A MacBook Air
My gift is a rather large one, but something I am in desperate need of. I have had the same laptop for going on six years now that still runs Windows XP. In the spring I am planning to take a Web Design Certificate program which requires students to bring a laptop to class. Enter in my perfect Christmas gift. Receiving the MacBook Air as a Christmas present would alleviate a great deal of stress from my plate, money-wise. Being in my twenties means that I am not exactly rolling in the dough. A laptop is most certainly very important in your twenties whether you’re in school or have already landed that big job! – Amanda Johnson

Macbook Air
Photo source: MacWorld
5.  A Nappa Dori suitcase
My gift may seem a bit random (and pricier than your average suitcase), but my love for travel goes hand-in-hand with my desire to support smaller craftsmen and artisans who epitomize the importance of building things with one’s hands. Whenever I visit a new city, state, or even country, my favorite thing to do is find these local artisans and learn their stories; in a world so drenched in big business and mass production, I think it’s really important for twenty-somethings to invest their money into smaller businesses and on products made with genuine materials. This suitcase would become a family heirloom, and I’d love to pass its value (and the experiences I’ve had with it) to another someday. – Taylor Micaela Davis

Screen Shot 2013-12-08 at 12.08.59 PM
Photo source: Nappa Dori
6. An external hard drive
Long ago were the days that flash- and pen-drives sufficed to back up my endless library of writing, photos, and music. I’m now in desperate need of a tool to hold all of my precious virtual belongings, in the rare event my computer may crash. I have been in a position in the past where my laptop “died” and I lost all of my music files, childhood photos, and a writing piece I had been working on that nearly reached thirty pages. It was tragic, and I vow to avoid such a mishap occurring ever again. Thus, this year I’m in high hopes of receiving an external hard drive to backup my entire computer library, for safekeeping! – Rachael Tulipano

Screen Shot 2013-12-08 at 12.25.15 PM
Photo source: Best Buy
7. A gift card to Forever21
Okay so gift cards can be a little tricky and seem impersonal at times, but if it’s something someone specifically asks for it can be one of the easiest gifts. With that being said, the gift on the top of my wish list this year is a gift card to Forever 21. Most of their clothes are so cute and stylish, and as a twenty-something who is about to graduate from college and begin a career, I’m trying to revamp my wardrobe and add some more professional pieces. By having a gift card, I’ll be able to pick out the clothes myself, that way I’ll know I like it and it fits before I buy it! – Maggie McMillan

Forever 21 giftcard
Photo source: Forever21
8. A solid, well-running car
Specifically a Honda Civic or a Subaru Outback. I need a good, reliable car that doesn’t make me nervous to drive because it might break down at any moment. From what I’ve read, Hondas are the way to go, and Subaru’s aren’t bad either. Funds are tight right now and I don’t have regular access to a car. So something inexpensive and reliable would be fantastic. – Julie Eckardt

Honda Civic
Photo source: Motortrend
9. Books, books, books
Preferably for Kindle but physical copies are always nice. I always like to have a stocked library, especially when I can tote my Kindle everywhere. Books can be expensive when you’re broke, and entertainment often gets slashed from my budget. Since I usually only buy Kindle books when a title I’m eyeing is on sale, I especially appreciate receiving physical books (and with Kindle MatchBook, you can even get both). I know reading isn’t especially popular with everyone, but I think it’s important to indulge in activities that keep our minds stimulated. – Amanda Duncil

Photo source: TalkAndroid
10.  A pair of BonLook vintage frames
BonLook is a fabulous online retailer that offers vintage looking frames at affordable prices. You can try on frames virtually, if you don’t know your prescription they will call and confirm with your eye doctor for you. Shipping is fast and free and if you’re not satisfied, customer service is always available. Your glasses will even arrive in a box of confetti! Hooray! We all need to be able to see. Who doesn’t love being able to see in style? – Geralyn Dexter

Photo source: BonLook
11. A Lily Pulitzer Agenda
I like having a ‘hard’ agenda with me just in case technology fails in some way. These planners are way too cute and come in a variety of sizes and patterns. I think they would make the perfect gift for the go-getter twenty-something in your life! – Fallyn Lee

Screen Shot 2013-12-08 at 12.19.14 PM
Photo source: Lily Pulitzer
12. A good quality chef’s knife
I already own one that will stand me in good stead for years to come, but it is something I think no twenty-something should be without. As twenty-somethings, we’re having to provide for ourselves for the first time and that includes cooking our own meals. A good knife will cut everything from vegetables to hard cheese and meat. Get one that’s a decent length and sits comfortably in your hand, and you’ll be well taken care of for years. – Victoria Fry

Photo source: WUSTHOF
13. A luggage set
I would really like to travel this year and although I have bags for short road trips and overnights I would really like to have a matching set that is practical and strong. And of course it has to be cute too! Hopefully Santa understands the need to travel light. – Emily Field

Photo source: Macy’s