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Must-have natural beauty products

Living a natural lifestyle is all the craze right now and it doesn’t stop with beauty habits. Check out some of my favorite natural beauty products that you must have in your collection.

Must-have natural beauty products

Looking to get silky, smooth skin? Try one of (1) Simple Sugars many yummy-scented body scrubs! They all smell good enough to eat and are made with only the best ingredients. You won’t find anything artificial in these scrubs. They are great if you have sensitive skin because they won’t cause any rash and have even been known to clear up eczema. My favorite scent is coconut because it reminds me of a tropical vacation.

After giving your skin a good scrub down you can moisturize with (2) GUD Body Lotions by Burt’s Bees. These scents are sure to get your mouth watering because they smell so delicious. Red Ruby Groovy is a great pomegranate scent that will leave your skin smelling amazing while keeping it soft and smooth. None of these lotions are made with parabens so you can be assured your skin won’t break out.

(3) Burt’s Bees also makes some of the best lip care products on the market. I always try to keep a lip balm of theirs on hand for casual use, but they also have a variety of lip shimmers all under $5! Made with shea butter, sunflower, and coconut oils you can naturally moisturize your kisser. These are perfect for the winter months.

(4) Organix Haircare has quickly become one of my favorite brands and most of their products are made with all natural ingredients. I’m obsessed with their Brazilian Keratin Therapy Flat Iron Spray. I apply it to my hair right before using hot tools and it keeps my mane nice and smooth. Any product from their Keratin line is highly recommended, especially if you have curly hair. Plus, they all smell awesome!

These must- haves prove that you can still look great while using natural products. Now you can feel good about your lifestyle inside and out!

About the Author

Gabrielle Bogan

Gabrielle holds a B.A. in Communications from University at Albany. She enjoys beauty and fashion, reading non-fiction books, and white wine. She aspires to be a motivational coach and speaker for young women to help them feel better in their own image.